Herts Plaice In Hoddesdon Takeaway Review


Based in Hertfordshire or Broxbourne and looking for a cracking fish and chips? Maybe a cheeky kebab? How about a beautiful burger? Herts Plaice in Hoddesdon is the place to go for an affordable but fabulous takeaway any day of the week! Plus, you can order directly from them, which is always a big win! Check out my mum’s tasty review right here!

Good Morning Lovelies, 

A few weeks ago, we got some incredible news! At the age of 61, my mum got the announcement that she had got her dream job. After only one week, she was made an Early Years Assistant. A job that she has always wanted! So, to celebrate, I brought her favourite takeaway from the best place around here. Herts Plaice! 

Based in Hoddesdon, the kebab and fish and chips establishment has been running for years. Both as a sit in and takeaway business, however, since the pandemic, it has been a mostly takeaway based service. As one of the fewest places around that still has a website to order directly from them, you can find super affordable dishes at no extra delivery cost. 

Picking out her favourites, I got her a medium sized doner kebab, for £7.90, with a chicken nuggets kids meal, at £4.90, as she didn’t want that many chips and said she could eat the nuggets the next day in a wrap. The kids meal also came with a can of drink, which she picked 7UP for. Overall, the meal came to £12.80, a steal for a kebab nowadays. 

Preordering the meal, my mum asked them to deliver it around 7:15pm, which they made exactly on time. Arriving super hot, the dishes came a bit deconstructed, as they placed the salad and sauces in pots away from the main dishes to stop them going to soggy or to help us choose how much sauce we wanted. There was plenty for my mum to enjoy two meals with, as she also used the sauce in the wrap she had with the nuggets the next day. 

Placing the kebab onto a plate, she applied the sauce and salad, before leaving the chips, which had salt and vinegar on them, in their container. She placed the nuggets in a bowl in the fridge. Taking them into the living room, she tucked in and automatically told me that they were still the best around. 

Herts Plaice are always reliable, always fresh and super confident in knowing what their customers love. Both my mum and I feel that this is why they can remain being super affordable too. They are simply great and Hoddesdon should be proud to have them. 

My mum wasn’t able to finish the whole meal, keeping what she didn’t for the day after, which was mostly meat. Something that stayed fresh enough to enjoy still the next day in a sandwich as well. 

For a brilliant fish and chips or kebab, even a burger perhaps, Herts Plaice are a great establishment in the Hertfordshire area. A firm favourite in our family for years, it is still able to win my mum and brother over every time that they order and dine there. If you are in the area be sure to check them out. You won’t be disappointed! 

Joey X

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