Chop Avocados With Ease This Summer Thanks To Microplane!


Since they became massive, avocados have taken over many dishes and delights. From cakes to salads, they give a look and taste that accepts flavours extremely well! However, they can be a real nightmare, as they are one of the most dangerous things to cut open! Yet, it doesn’t have to be that way now, thanks to Microplane’s new simplifying specialist cutting tool!

Good Morning Lovelies, 

What will you be having for breakfast today? How about dinner? Will it include an avocado? If so, how do you open it? The old swipe of the knife round? With a spoon? Well, thankfully, I have something to tell you about that will make the chopping process a whole lot easier, as Microplane have created a three in one Avocado Peeler that makes the whole process a lot faster. And kindly, they gifted me one to try!

Featuring a slicing blade, pit remover and scoop feature, the peeler includes every handy appliance needed to save time and energy. I’m sure, if you are like me, that you have faced the dreaded avocado cut. Yet, this doesn’t allow for that to happen. Whilst I was scared of the tool at first, I really had no need to be. 

Kindly given an avocado to chop up by my neighbour, I washed the appliance and avocado, before taking the blade to it. Cutting from the top and going around, the blade sliced through the skin like a skater on ice. It simply glided all the way along in a matter of seconds, leaving two perfectly shaped halves. 

Placing the piece without the pip to one side, I took the one which had it in, in to the palm of my hand. Slotting the put remove over the top of it, I was shocked that it fit. The pip looked massive compared, however, the tool had no problems hooking onto it and getting it out. There was no need at all to use a knife to cut in and remove it, it was literally in and out in moments. Leaving behind to perfectly ready sections of avocado. 

Finally, it was time to scoop out the green goodness. Built into the blade feature, the scoop looks like it is going to be a bit troublesome. However, I found that it glided around the avocado and skin easily. I did worry that having the blade facing me whilst scooping would case an issue, but it didn’t, which I was so pleased about. 

Placing the avocado onto a plate, I was really happy with the results. Coming out in restaurant style shapes, the tool allowed for a professional finish that looked perfect on the dish. If you were to cook for someone, you could really style it out. I am picturing pretty toast displays and colourful salads. It really will allow you to look like the hostess with the mostest. Microplane should really be proud of this handy tool! It is definitely a winner in our eyes! 

Joey X

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