The Shoes I Refuse To Part With! Do You Have A Pair Too?


Shoes! Many of us have a favourite pair! A pair that holds memories that if we throw them away will be lost! Looking through my shoe cupboard recently, I found mine and it got me wondering what do I do with the very battered pair? Keep them of course! Find out why here!

Good Morning Lovelies, 

Recently, I was going through our shoe cupboard and found a wonderful pair of my shoes. They may be tatty, old and now covered in dust, yet, I simply couldn’t bear to throw them away. The shows in case are a pair of TOMs that were brought during a special water saving campaign. They have little sea turtles on them and honestly I love them more than any other pair of shoes I have ever earned. 

That love is extended by the fact that they hold so many memories for me. They were the shoe that came on my first trip to Disneyland Paris. When I took the bus on my own to from London to Blackpool for the first time to see my brother. They marked my first pay packet. They were the shoe that saw me through many happy summers in comfort. 

Honestly, I look at them and feel so sad at how bad they are now. I also feel a love for them because they are an actual item that shoes fun, love and adventure. No other shoe matches up to them in our home. I look at them at times when I’m having a clear out and think I can bravely get rid of them. 

It never happens though! Still they are next to the other shoes that I know will probably be donated or put in the bin before they are. They are not going anywhere and I’m quite happy to admit that. I do sometimes wonder if I should wash them, but I fear the damage that may occur. 

I know this may be a little random to talk about, however, I thought it was quite an interesting thing to think about. Honestly, look at your shoe collection today and I’m certain there is a pair you love the most. What is it about them that holds so much emotion? Once it clicks, you will never part with them. And I want to know what they are and why! 

As you seek yours out, I’m going to give mine a little dust and place them like a relic in a museum back into the shoe cupboard! Those bad boys are going nowhere! 

Joey X

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