The BetterGuard Is Going To Change Your Sporting Life!


Enjoy playing sports but not a massive fan of the injuries? The BetterGuard is just the thing to change the way you play. Offering endless amounts of support to the area, it can help you from the moment you put it on. We put it to the test to tell you what we thought!

Good Morning Lovelies, 

Sports were a huge part of my life until I was unable to do them anymore due to my health. Don’t get me wrong, I miss them a lot. However, I know that my body needs to recover from the damage. Back when I worked out a lot, I was unable to find the right things to protect my bones. This led to a lot of sores and even unknown broken bones, which has left me with permanent damage. 

However, now in 2024, there are lots of recovery and sporting aids to help protect yourself when you are playing a big game or at the gym. Including The BetterGuard, an intelligent ankle support that provides active protection, whilst giving the users the freedom to move with it. 

Created with BG POWER technology, the guard fits onto your ankle much like a harness or grip. With a metal mini-piston built into it, the brace kicks in from the moment it is placed on the body, protecting the wearer as soon as they twist and turn. Yet, the brace and metal can’t be felt. In fact they are built for comfort, with the brace being slim enough to fit into any sports shoes. Much like an extra layer of skin. 

With the backing of the NBA Launchpad, I was kindly offered the chance to put one of the braces to the test. Of course I agreed, getting my brother’s friend to help put it to the test before, during and after their latest football match. 

After struggling from an injury, the brace promised to help protect the ankle upon his return to the big game. Placing the BetterGuard onto his foot, (sorry for the dirty sock picture!), he claimed that it was really comfortable. More comfortable than it may have looked or seemed. Whilst playing the game, he said that he felt less pressure on his ankle, with more stability being applied. 

Upon taking it off afterwards, he actually found that his ankle felt better than before, as the pressure he would have had wasn’t there. It had protected him enough to help improve his day to day life too. 

This was the first time I had heard of The BetterGuard, yet I won’t forget about it any time soon. Having witnessed the impression it left, I would highly recommend it if you are a sporting figure. The brace supports you throughout any game or kind of activity, giving you the best possible outcomes. It truly is a game, set and match win for this product lovelies! 

Joey X

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