Get Hot This Summer With Sheffield Dragon’s Mango Hot Sauce!


The summer sun is shining, the BBQs are heating up and the condiments are coming out. Yet, there is something new that could be making its way to your table this year, as the Sheffield Dragon team have made a mango hot sauce that takes out the competition. Sweet, spicy and everything you could ever want and more! Discover my mum’s thoughts here!

Good Morning Lovelies, 

Firstly, I want to start this blog by admitting that I am a bit of a scaredy cat when it comes to hot food. I honestly can’t stand a lot of heat. However, the rest of my family loves it! There so, when I was asked if I would like to put the award-winning Sheffield Dragon hot sauces to the test, I couldn’t help but challenge them to some. 

Kindly gifting me the Renegade Mango Habanero Hot Sauce, I asked my mum to give her Mother’s Mouthful opinion. After cooking some chicken for dinner, she decided to add the sauce to her meal, making fajitas from it with the meat and salad placed in wraps. 

Rated three chilli’s for its heat rating, she only poured a little bit out at first. Taking a shaky first bite, she waited for the kick to heat. However, she was presented with a sweet delight instead. Mixing the gorgeous taste of the mango with the spice from the habanero pepper chilli’s, she said that it had a tang to it. Yet it wasn’t an unbearable one. In fact, she said it was a pleasant one that wouldn’t make a meal hard to eat. In other words, you wouldn’t need a pack of tissues to catch the sweat from it. 

Adding more to the wraps, she went on to explain to me that they would be great with any BBQ dishes this summer. Added onto hot dogs, burgers or even kebabs, she said it would spice up and spruce the normal foods served at them. Plus, with no secret ingredients, she also said that it would be safe for all the family and guests to eat too. 

Having placed a few chips on her plate too, she dipped some into the sauce that had dropped onto her dish. Again, she stated that they gave a really good flavouring, adding that she would love to marinate and air fry some to give them a sticky satisfaction. 

Since the first taste test, she has added it into other meals, even placing a splash into her cottage pies. She adores the way that the sweet mango sticks to the meat, with the heat of the peppers adding a kick to every dish so far. Her love of hot sauce wasn’t big, yet, with this bottle she has been converted. 

Great for those classic summer dishes, splashed into the classics and the transformer when creating new recipes, the Sheffield Dragon team have made a fiery winner with this one! With more available online, they have a whole range of sauces to meet your heat levels and expectations, however, if you want to add a sweet delight to a dish, this is the winner. Something my mother would happily swear by.

Whilst I’m not brave enough to try it just yet, it seems like we will be buying my mum some more, as she has loved every drop of this. The sooner she can discover more, the hotter our kitchen will become. And not just from the summer sun anymore! 

Joey X

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