Grab A Glass Of D1 London Gin This Summer & Celebrate In Style!


D1 London Gin is the hottest tipple on the market that is causing heatwaves across our summer with its beautiful taste! From great British botanicals and fresh ingredients, the gin has been made with fans in mind, as they present only the best of the best to our glasses. Get ready for BBQ season with this fantastic new bottle of pure liquid magic…

Good Morning Lovelies, 

In our house, we have started our own little bar. When guests come, they have the option of many a drink. Alcoholic and non-alcoholic. However, I don’t think any of them will have ever had the option of a 40% dry gin. One beautifully crafted by the D.J. Limbrey Distilling Company.

Full to the brim with British flavours, including added tastes inside the box, D1 London Gin, is a gin made using a batch distillation method, with only the purest grain spirit possible being used to create it. Mixed with juniper berries and fresh botanicals including coriander, orange peel, lemon peel, angelica root, cassia bark, almond and liquorice, the gin is simply a delight. A gin that can convert even a gin hater in the form of my mum. 

Years ago, she tried gin for the first time. Yet, it didn’t win her over. On many occasions, I have heard her state her hatred for it. However, after keeping what she was going to be drinking a secret from her, she was found to be drinking her words after just a sip of them one. 

Getting her in on a Mother’s Mouthful taste test again, I poured the gin, using the special aids that also come in the box, over one of the sachets that were included with the container too. Leaving it a few moments to brew, I then removed the bag, added some ice and a bit of tonic, before handing it over. 

Looking at it, she was a bit unsure of what I was giving her. The only information I had provided was that it was alcoholic, award winning and would be a winner or a loser in her eyes. Using a straw, she took a decent sized sip, before letting it rest for a bit to get the tastes. At first I thought she hated it still, however, that wasn’t the case. 

Having not said anything, she went in for another taste. Raising her eyes to me, she started in on it. As soon as she tried it she said she could get the notes of all the flavours added in. She said they were like a refreshing herbal tea with a kick. She said that you could tell the alcohol was dry but it didn’t burn. It was a pleasant dry. The only downside she had was that she wished it had more of a fizz to it, with lemonade being a better mixer she felt. However, this didn’t make her dislike the drink at all. 

When I finally told her that it was gin, she was shocked. Admitting that she would never have guessed it was, she said that she would have it again but with either bitter lemon or lemonade as the mixer with it. Something that would go down well in the upcoming summer months. 

Showing her the bottle, she loved the look of it and stated that when it comes to BBQ season, she would definitely use it to make tipples for everyone. It truly seems like D1 London Gin was a real converter for my mum. Head to their website to find out more or to grab yourself a bottle lovelies! You will not be disappointed as my mum is now a gin fan! And when magic like this happens, we should all celebrate this summer! 

Joey X

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