Stop Your Milk Going Off With The Fantastic Milk Topz!


Ever found yourself facing the horrors of milk gone off? Well, the team at Milk Topz have created the ultimate product that makes you dairy products last longer. Easy silicone covers slot perfectly on top, leaving any worries behind, as they work their magic. Find out what happened when we put these toppers to the test!

Good Morning Lovelies, 

Something, I have felt like I have really conquered regarding my ED recovery is milk! Although I don’t have glasses of it like I used to, I absolutely love it warm with cereal in the morning. I even use a straw to drink it up when done! However, something I don’t think I will ever recover from is when it curdles. 

Milk going off is probably one of the most disturbing things that can happen in the kitchen. The smell. The lumps. The utter horror of it all is one that scares me no end. Especially when it used to happen when we had the glass bottles from the milkman. You could actually see the change happen, which I think was down to the lids not being able to reseal themselves probably. 

Yet, times have changed and creative geniuses have made a new invention. One that is going to change the game! Milk Topz are a brand that are making sure our milk and dairy products last so much longer, in a sustainable way. Hoping to prevent food waste, whilst supporting local dairy businesses and milkmen, their certified food grade silicone milk and pot toppers are 100% leakproof, helping to keep food and drinks fresher for longer. 

With the use of glass bottles meaning that less plastic is being used, the team have used their knowledge to make sure that every customers gets the most out of them. There is something quite special about them, as they make the freshness that you only really get with glass bottle milk even better. 

Where we live, we have a great local farm called Dawlicious, which produces raw milk and ice cream from the jersey cows. Vending the milk from machines on the farm, you can go and get a glass bottle of the good stuff every day of the week. Something we did to help support them, whilst trialling the lids for you lovelies. 

Heading home with our milk, we slipped the easy to apply silicone ring around the neck, before popping the lid onto the top. Instantly it suctioned itself to the top, meaning when we shook it and even dared to turn it upside down, nothing came out. However, when we did want a bit of milk, you could easily remove it and pour. 

The milk lasts a while normally but I will say that it seemed like the Milk Topz made it feel fresher for longer. At £7.49 for six toppers, it is a product that does what it says, preventing waste in so many areas, while keeping milk tasting better for longer. Plus, when we had had all the milk, they were easy to clean, which we did by hand, however, they are dishwasher safe too. 

We found a similar thing happened when we tried their Pot Lidz too! My mum is currently loving the big pots of Aldi yogurts. The only problem is that they don’t come with lids anymore. This means that we get a little worried about it spilling everywhere and going off. Yet, these lids easily slotted onto the pots. Securing the, safely, we no longer worried as much, whilst finding it remained fresher for longer too. As well, there was less of the watery mess on the top when we removed it for use. 

Overall, the team at Milk Topz have made incredibly sustainable food saviours that both myself and my mum found fantastic. Removing worries whilst preventing waste is just what we wanted and we got it. To find out more or to purchase the toppers and lids, head to their website now lovelies. You will not regret it, even with a milk moustache! 

Joey X

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