How I Prepared For Christmas In April 2024


With the months flying by, it won’t be long until we are getting ready for Christmas again! This year, I decided to get prepared early, with decorations, presents and food all being sorted early! Discover what I got up to in April to help me and my family prepare for it here!

Good Morning Lovelies, 

Last month, we started to plan for Christmas by making giant Christmas cards for our special loved ones! You all know by now just how addicted I am to diamonds art, which I am now using to make cards. 

Purchasing kits for around £1.99 on Amazon, I have been working away to create the designs, which we will apply to strong card later in the year. Once they are handed to or sent, the art will be able to be removed and used however the person wishes. 

This idea came a bit out of the blue for me lovelies, after I found that we were getting a little bit overwhelmed with my creations. I hope that when it comes to November and December that those who get a special card like them. I’m finding it hard actually to decide who gets which, yet, I really love how easy and affordable the idea was. 

Christmas preparations are also underway with travel plans being discussed. In an exciting turn of events, we may not be spending Christmas at home this year, which I’m both scared and excited for. It’s now just a waiting game for train tickets though. If you are like us, make sure to register interest. It means you will be alerted first when they do get released lovelies. 

I hope you have all been having a bit of Christmas magic brought into your homes early too! What gave you been doing to prepare for it? Have you made any cards yet? Whatever it may be, please do let me know lovelies! I would love to hear more! 

Joey X

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