My April 2024 Food Finds!


April may have been a time for all the leftover Easter goodies, however, for me it was a time to try new things. From classic kitchen staples to healthy, easy to cook, vegetables that have made the world of difference, you can be sure that this is a very interesting mix. However, of course it still features a new jam or honey on it! Discover here what new foods I tried or found in April…

Good Morning Lovelies, 

April was a time when the warm weather sprung, Easter eggs were enjoyed and the world seemed a little lighter. It was also a time where I tried a few new foods, which I wanted to share with you lovelies. At the moment, I am trying to change up a few things that don’t rest so heavy on my stomach. 

Some finds have been real winners for this, whilst others have led to a few struggles. However, I’m proud of myself for trying them and giving the dishes a go or even just buying them to have in the future. Here is what I have found and tried during April…

Tilda Boil In A Bag Basmati Rice: I’ve always loved rice, which I think is down to the texture of it. However, I’ve struggled to enjoy it, after finding myself terrified of it. Thankfully, these bags are perfectly portioned, which made it easier for me to serve up. Simply pop into a saucepan of boiling water for 12 to 14 minutes and it is done. I’m so proud of myself for having rice again and can’t thank Tilda enough for this cooking wonder.

Streamline Reduced Sugar Strawberry Jam: You know I can’t go a month without trying a new jam or honey. I found myself getting bored of the Sainsbury’s reduced sugar jar, with it actually leaving a sicky feeling inside me. So, I decided to give this one a go. With more natural ingredients and a less sweetener based taste, this was a real winner in a bread roll. 

Tilda Boil In A Bag Jasmine Rice: Appearing again, Tilda won me over with this boil in a bag creation too. A little lighter than the basmati, this jasmine rice had a bit more flavour but all the perfect textures and tastes when cooked up. I loved how easy this was to add to a dish and how it didn’t leave my tummy feeling heavy either. 

Bramwells Express Pasta With Tomato & Onion Sauce: I haven’t tried this yet lovelies, however, I am proud of myself for buying it. I used to love Pasta ‘N’ Sauces when I was at school. Yet, because of my ED I have been terrified of them and pasta for a long time. Even after eating it in hospital. I’m hoping that if I can try this I can get back into the idea of having pasta again. It’s all the little steps that count. 

Tesco’s Chef’s Trio Mix: When having the rice mentioned above, I wanted some fresh vegetables with it. These handy little bags come with Tenderstem broccoli, carrot and mangetout peas and can be pierced, placed in the microwave and cooked in 50 seconds. I was so impressed with how perfect they came out and tasted. I’ve loved these ever since trying them now. 

It definitely seems like April was a real winner for rice dishes for me! What did you discover food wise in April? Or what have you been loving again? Let me know lovelies! 

Joey X

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