My April 2024 Monthly Favourites


April seemed to come and go super quickly, however, that didn’t stop me from finding lots of new favourites to fall in love with. From hugely inspiring podcasts to feel good moments that were all about looking after myself, my body, mind and soul spent a lot of time relaxing, thanks to the following items. Discover here what made my April so special!

Good Morning Lovelies, 

I feel like I say this every month, however, where is 2024 going? It feels like we are speeding through it, to the point that it will soon be Christmas. April was a busy old month, with lots of changes and redecorating in our house. Plus, in our minds too! 

Yet, there was still lots of moments to find a few new favourite things from the month. All of which, I wanted to share with you lovelies! April was made super special because of the following…

My Favourite App - Amazon Music: Now, I am finding this app my favourite for a different reason than what you might think. I absolutely love listening to my podcasts through it, as it means that when I ask my Alexa devices t9 play them too, they pick up where I left off right away. This means I’m never having to find the episode or part I was on.

My Favourite TV Show/Film - All Of Us Strangers: I had wanted to watch this film since I found out about it. After waiting for it to drop on Disney+, I watched it as soon as it dropped. I will admit that it’s a film I wouldn’t watch again and again, however, as someone who has lost a parent, the cafe scene is one that has left a mark on me. It’s truly heartbreaking but vital viewing.

My Favourite Food Find - Aldi Everyday Essentials Hot Cross Buns: After over 10 years, I managed to conquer a hot cross bun at Easter. Thankfully, Aldi stock theirs all year round, so I have been able to enjoy them again and again.

My Favourite Beauty Item - Sanctuary Spa Wellness Solutions Sleep Mist: This stuff can knock me out in seconds. Covering my duvet and pillows, as well as spraying it around my room, leaves me feeling relaxed and calm. Even with noisy neighbours! Give my five minutes after using it and I am gone! It’s the stuff dreams are made of.

My Favourite Podcast - Off The Telly: Every Wednesday, a new episode of this podcast drops and I’m obsessed with it. Joanna Page and Natalie Cassidy discuss what they have been watching each week and I have to admit I’ve found lots of great shows from it. Plus, they are so good at hosting the show together! 

My Favourite Experience - Resting My Body: I’m not very good at resting! Due to my ED, Autism and Anxiety Disorder, my mind is constantly on the go. As is my body! However, I’ve started to take one morning a week, where I just rest more. I don’t pressure myself to get up early, instead I simply catch up on what my body needs. It has been super hard, yet, my body is grateful for me doing so. Sometimes, we just need to stop and take a minute to change our whole prospectives. 

What did you do during April that made it so special to you lovelies? Let me know! 

Joey X

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