La Pizzeria & Kebab In Stansted Abbotts Review


La Pizzeria & Kebab is one of the newest takeaways in Hertfordshire! Armed with a gift card I got her for Christmas, my mum decided to put them to the test on Saturday night. With no knowledge of what they were like, here is how she found the whole experience in the end!

Good Morning Lovelies, 

After a tough week and with the bank holiday upon us, I told my mum that she deserved a treat, reminding her of the Deliveroo gift card I got her at Christmas. It was an evening off cooking that I wanted her to have. A chance to kick back and let someone else do it. Something she happily agreed on! 

Upon looking on the app, she opted for a kebab to have. With a number of local places available, her eye caught the reasonably priced menu of new restaurant, La Pizzeria & Kebab, based in Stansted Abbotts, which is around five minutes from us. 

Browsing the options, she chose the mixed chicken and doner kebab, in a fresh pitta, with all the salad options and sauces. On the side, she chose the cheesy chips, with a 7UP to drink. All coming in at £17.50, after Deliveroo added their extra costs. Placing the order at 6:30pm, we were told that there was a 30 to 50 minute wait for the meal, with an estimation of it arriving between 7-7:30pm. 

At 7:10pm, we got a knock at the door, with my mum’s food arriving by a fantastic driver. Handing it over to her, the first thing my mum noticed that there was no takeaway styrofoam boxes. Instead, the kebab was wrapped in foil, whilst the chips were in a foil tray. We were both actually impressed by this, as it meant that the food stayed warm, something she has had issues with before. 

Upon opening up the kebab, you could see that all the ingredients were fresh, whilst the chips had a super amount of cheese on them. They were so cheesy in fact that they had glued themselves to the tray, in a very good way. 

Popping them onto a plate, my mum poured her drink and tucked in. Normally my mum struggles to finish her chips, however, the only thing she left was a tiny bit of pitta bread. She found the dish to be beautifully cooked and with loads of flavour from the sauces a really tasty meal. 

Halfway through, she declared that she would happily go back there again to get a takeaway. Although, she did say that she would go directly through them instead to avoid the charges Deliveroo place on the meals. The meal was missing some elements, as we didn’t get the dips and the pomegranate was missing from the salad. However, my mum wasn’t too bothered by this, as she didn’t really want the pomegranate anyway. 

Whilst lots of people state that takeaways are bad, they are a tradition on a Saturday night.  La Pizzeria & Kebab are now an establishment that my mum is going to return to in the future. The meals were a great size, had plenty of flavour and were super fresh. Plus, the amount she got definitely made the prize worth it. If you live in the Hertfordshire area, definitely check them out lovelies. 

I hope you all enjoyed this little off the cuff food review from my mum’s new local kebab restaurant. I will definitely do more with her if you enjoyed this lovelies, so hopefully look out for more soon! We won’t ever stop you enjoying a good old takeaway! 

Joey X

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