Quattro Lounge Is Open! Here’s Our Review Of The New Hertford Based Restaurant!


Opening on the 15th May, the Quattro Lounge in Hertford is the newest establishment to welcome guests at the new Lea Wharf section of the town. A true gem to behold, it is the perfect riverside spot to grab a bite to eat or to sip a refreshing drink, as my mum found out when she went to review their great tapas selection!

Good Morning Lovelies, 

Last night, under the gorgeous early summer sunshine, the blog headed to Hertford to celebrate the grand opening of the Quattro Lounge. Placed in Unit 4 of the new Lea Wharf establishment, the restaurant is based right next to the river, meaning dining can be done whilst listening to the birds, watching the river go by. 

Invited along to mark the occasion, I sent my mum to trial their selection of tapas and drinks. Having looked at the menu before heading off, we both agreed that for the choices on offer, the food was very well priced, with nothing being over £6. There was even a deal for three tapas for around £14, meaning you got more for your money. 

Heading along the river to the restaurant, my mum was greeted by the general manager, who was suited and booted in the finest waistcoat I have ever seen. Helping my mum to her seat, she found her friends, Laura and Jo, who had come along too and sat with them right by the riverside. 

Automatically, she was offered a drink, before being given a whole host of information about the tapas on offer. It was during this time that the plates arrived and there was plenty to go around. From salt and pepper squid, freshly made hummus and honey whipped feta with homemade pita bread to dip in it, the dishes were beautifully rich according to my mum. 

Explaining to me everything about them, she happily stated that the tapas would be a great lunch choice, as you could pick three or four and be fully satisfied. The food reflected summer with each mouthful. As each dish got enjoyed, the waiters and staff continuously checked on them, making sure that they were happy and resolving any issues that customers had. 

Messaging me throughout, my mum couldn’t stop raving about the salt and pepper squid. As one of her favourite options, she stated to me that she would be going back just for a big plateful of it. Alongside the fried chicken wings and brisket chilli! 

With perfect company, a gorgeous ray of sunshine and lovely food, it was the best way to celebrate her big news this week. Making the entire new establishment a real gem in all of my mum’s table’s eyes. Every single one of them exclaimed that they would be back. 

My mum has even started to plot a lunch date with her best friend to try out one of the main meals. She’s even stated her excitement about the cosy atmosphere it will have at Christmas time, when the lights are up and twinkling over the river. 

With super affordable prices, great company, fantastic staff and delicious food, Quattro Lounge is a very welcome addition to Hertford! One that we will be praising for years to come! We were so thankful to have been invited to the opening and can’t wait to come back for more in the future! 

Joey X

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