The Iron Claw Review


The Iron Claw is a film that will stay with you for a long time! With an incredible cast, who make career altering performances, the feature is both a joy and heartache to watch. But for all the right reasons! It’s a career defining piece for all those that star and work behind the scenes on it! Discover our full review right here!

Good Morning Lovelies, 

The Iron Claw is a wresting film like no other! Starring Zac Efron, Jeremy Allen White and Harris Dickinson as the Von Erich brothers, the feature is a learning experience for all who view it. An experience that will stay with you for life. 

Believing that they have a curse over them, the film captures the rise and fall of each brother, told from the point of view of Efron’s leading figure, Kevin Von Erich. As soon as you see him lift himself out of bed at the start of the film, you can capture the heaviness that the story holds over him. And not just from all the muscle he is now carrying. 

Pushed to the limits by their father, the wrestlers are made to be their own characters, from showman to the elite. Yet, they each have something that stops them from living up to his hopes and dreams. As the film goes on, you see the darkness that captures them, leading to tragic consequences. 

Working together, you can see how easy this cast bonded. They are a force to be reckoned with, however, they present it in a way of real brotherly love. Each captures their characters traits to realistic levels. If you knew nothing about the brothers, you would think that the stars were really them. They are that good! 

The film may have had a small release schedule but the impact it leaves on any audience member is huge. It is a showcase of ranging talents and responses. It highlights the diverse acting skills that each star has, especially when it comes to the three leading men. This is no Troy Bolton story. This is a feature that makes Efron prove again that he can do so much at a very high level. 

Overall, the film leaves an indent on your mind that you won’t ever see disappear. However, in an odd way, you don’t want to forget about it, as it is so incredible to see. Each actor is a powerhouse. The directing is endlessly on point. The cinematography is gorgeous. The whole feature is a beautiful story told in a wonderful way. 

5 Stars

Joey X 

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