Laura Kay London Is About To Transform Your Make Up Bag!


Ever find yourself looking for new beauty products that will completely change everything you thought you knew? Laura Kay London is a brand that can definitely help with this, as they have something for everyone! From cosmetics to non-surgical procedures including microblading to permanent makeup, it is brand that looks after every skin need. Get ready to embrace a whole new look with them…

Good Morning Lovelies, 

A few weeks ago, I posted about wanting to try out new beauty products. One brand that I stumbled upon was the brilliant Laura Kay London, the cosmetic creation from Laura Kay, who is a world famous fully qualified Permanent Make Up artist! 

Known for helping to create the beauty looks found on some of the biggest stars around the world, the make up artist created a range of make up to help create the same looks at home. And kindly, I was sent some to try. 

Hearing about her incredible brow makeovers, I was super excited when I received her ultimate brow tool, priced at £28. With three products formed into one, the tool includes a fine pencil to help shape brows, a soft powder brush to blend the makeup in and a brow gloss to hold the look in place. 

Gifted to me in the taupe colour, it was the perfect fit for my dark hair. I don’t normally do much to my brows, other than tweezing and microblading them, so I was intrigued but also scared a little. After watching useful videos online, I applied the pencil smoothly, creating the look I wanted, before blending it in with the brush. After achieving a soft but subtle look, I was so happy with how it turned out that I confidently applied the gloss to hold it in shape. 

All day the makeup stayed in place. I didn’t have to do any touch ups and when it came to removing it, the makeup glided off easily. However, I will admit that I was a little sad to see it go. After transforming my brows easily, I would definitely recommend the product lovelies, especially if you are looking to add more definition. I will now be using the tool when I go to fancy events to help elevate my look. 

Moving on to the second product, I was kindly sent a hydrating lip gloss in a cinnamon shade. I don’t normally go for coloured lipgloss shades, as I have a fear of looking weird. Yet, I liked the subtle colour of this gloss, which is priced at £21. Testing it out on myself at home, I started to build my confidence with it before heading out. 

I found lots of people asking me where the shade was from and it definitely left me feeling better within myself. Easy to apply, with just a simple swipe, it made a whole load of difference to my look and I will now be making it a make up essential in the future. 

Growing my confidence, whilst showing me a new way to do make up, Laura Kay London, is a brand that I feel confident, happy and motivated by. There are a number of different shades to pick from on their website, which I will be looking further into. If you are seeking a new makeup brand to invest in lovelies, I would definitely recommend this one to you! It’s a beauty game changer! 

Joey X

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