Cider Is In This Summer Thanks To Austin Eastciders and Blake’s Hard Cider Co!


The Tamburello Tavern is officially open for summer lovelies, as the incredible teams at Austin Eastciders and Blake’s Hard Cider Co have supplied our home with their beautifully flavoured ciders that are real delights. From pineapple to cherries, the fruit is plentiful and the taste is out of this world. Here are my top six flavours to enjoy ice cold in the sun…

Good Morning Lovelies, 

When I turned 18, the first drink I was ever brought in a bar was an ice cold fruity cider in Covent Garden. My brother Gio brought me it and I sipped it down under the beautiful sunshine. Nowadays I don’t drink, however, I do sometimes miss that feeling of going to a pub garden and enjoying a cold glass of cider. Especially ones that tasted like fruit juice. 

Although I don’t drink, my family still loves a good old can of cider. Whether it be the traditional kind or ones a bit more out there. So, when I was asked if I would like to learn more and try the Blake’s Hard Cider Co. and Austin Eastciders selections, I quickly said yes, as I knew the barmaid in me wanted my family to enjoy them. 

Over the course of a few weeks, my mum and co put six different flavours to the test. Below, we have now ranked them in the best to the greatest of flavours. I won’t say best to worst, as their reactions showed and to,d me that none of them were bad. However, one did have to come out on top and this was what my family chose…

American Apple: The classic flavour! It simply can’t be beat! Whilst there was a family debate about the difference in apples grown around the world, this had a very refreshing crisp taste to it that lingered pleasantly in the mouth. Out of all the cans, this was the quickest to go. 

Rico Tepache: Like a pineapple upside down cake in a can, this cider blended pineapple, brown sugar, cinnamon and bubbles together to make a dessert in a can. Perfect as an after dinner tipple, this drink stays on your tongue for hours afterwards. According to my mum, the taste is so nice that you could easily have more than one can. 

Pineapple Cider: Pineapples just scream summer. Lying on a beach, with the sun shining down, sipping on this. It is truly the stuff dreams are made of. Much like an alcoholic version of pineapple juice, you can easily see why this has won awards. It is a game changer in all the best ways when it comes to cider. 

Imperial Tropical Punch: Another fruity blend of passion fruit, orange and guava, this Imperial Cider, has a 8.3% blend that is pure magic. More intense in taste according to those who tried it, the drink was best sipped slowly. One to end the day with! Each fruit bursts out of the can, leaving you aware of their presence right away. You won’t be able to get enough of this one lovelies. 

Triple Jam: This can reminded me of another brand a lot from the smell, look and described tastes. Giving it out to my testers, they all agreed it was like it, however, this can was a bit sweeter. Another one to have with a dessert, all agreed that this fruity blend would be perfect ice cold at a garden party. It was a light note on a sunny day. 

Cherry Limeade: Limited edition, this cider is one to entertain your friends and family one. When pouring the drink out, I instantly was hit with the cherry smell. It was so gorgeous that I wanted to bottle it up as a fragrance. Handing the glass to my mum, she was excited to taste it from the scent it produced. As a big lover of cherries, she adored this one a lot. The added hint of lime made it the perfect mixture of both tart and sweetness. Just what you need from a classic cider! 

Both brands have loads more flavours available that you can try through their websites lovelies. Based in America, the brands do supply the UK too, which means it is perfect for all. My family is desperate to try more and I can’t wait to order some extras in. These six will definitely be stocked in the Tamburello Tavern again! Will you be joking us for a can too?

Joey X

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