Evme Is The Beauty Brand You Need To Know About!


Looking for a new beauty product that will take you from day to night? Well, look no further because the team at evme have created the ultimate collection that uses only a small amount to make a big difference. My skin has never been better in fact! Find out all about them here!

Good Morning Lovelies, 

Over the past few months, I have been on a big skin care journey. I’ve searched high and low to find the best products for my skin. I have been kindly gifted a number of superb products to try too. Including this gorgeous new set from the US brand Evme

Full of natural ingredients, the team sent me their Gentle Cleansing Powder, Boosting Serum and Night Glow Crème to trial. Upon receiving the royal blue box, I found the three bottles nestled safely inside. Beautifully packaged and presented, I was excited to put them to the test. 

Deeply washing my face in the morning, I decided to start where the instructions included began. Taking the Gentle Cleansing Powder first, I spoke out a small coin sized amount onto one hand. Then like they stated, I ran my other hand under some warm water to moisten it. 

Placing the two together, I rubbed my palms over each other to make a paste, which I then applied to my skin. Rubbing it all over, the powder soon soaked in, leaving my skin feeling super smooth after I washed it away. Honestly, it felt like I had gone for a facial, it was that good. 

After drying my face off, it was time to put the Boosting Serum to the test next. Advice to apply it before my moisturiser, I used the easy to pump bottle to get the correct dose, massaging it onto my face. The serum wasn’t oily at all and quickly soaked into my skin to leave a smooth surface for my moisturiser. My skin seemed to have a glowing shine to it automatically, which was a huge boost. Especially when it stayed that way all day. 

Upon getting ready for bed, hours after the applications in the morning, I repeated the powder method again. However, this time I followed it up with the Night Glow Crème. Again, this was a simple one pump method, which I placed over my face, neck and then even into my hands. The cream had a gorgeous clean scent, even though the product is fragrance free, to it that I felt helped to soothe me to sleep. 

When I woke the next day, I found that the mixture of vitamin c, kaolin, rice bran, sea buckthorn, sacred lotus and sodium hyaluronate had been the ultimate dream team. Any small marks and pimples had gone and my scar even looked better. I was shocked to get these kinds of results after one application. However, it proved that the natural products did exactly as they should. 

This American brand is one that I am certain will be making waves across the world soon. It is gorgeously scented, smoothing to use and a magical beauty creation that will make a new self-care routine easy and safe for many. Evme are honestly the brand you need to learn all about because they are about to become huge! I can sense it! 

Joey X 

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