1CAP Hats Are The New Must-Have Gym Accessory! Here’s Our Review…


Looking for the perfect accessory to wear at the gym or out in the sun? The 1CAP is the durable piece that should be added to your wardrobe. Whether you are lifting weights in the gym or heading outside, the washable cap will change not only how you look but feel too. Here is what my brother thought of it.

Good Morning Lovelies, 

When you go the gym or enjoy a bit of exercise, do you wear a hat? For lots of people, it is the best way to help protect their head, especially when lifting weights or out enjoying a run in the sunshine. However, they are often the forgotten element when it comes to cleaning your kits. 

Festering with germs, they can soon become disgusting, which is not a good thing at all. Luckily, the amazing team at 1CAP, have made a machine washable solution that lasts forever. And my brother was more than happy to trial one for us all. 

After receiving the black and white design that was kindly gifted to us in the post, my brother Gio quickly popped it on to try for us. Heading out in it on the school run, he found it to be super comfortable, easily forgetting he was wearing it. It was only later when he went out on a hike that he found out how great it was. 

Protecting his head from all elements, including winds, rain and sunshine, the hat stayed secure in his head, as the ultra-durable 100% recycled polyester helped it withstand weathers that would normally ruin other hats. Even when he found that he had sweated in the item, he didn’t realise, as it had quickly absorbed it, meaning no redness was created on the skin. 

Unsure if he was going to like the hat upon getting it, he now doesn’t want to take it off. Washing it after two to three wears, he found that it dried quickly, meaning it could be worn again quickly. Plus, it doesn’t seem to have gone out of shape at all. 

My brother is going to be taking the hat away with him on a long holiday this year. Now feeling like he has the ultimate protection for his head, he is feeling a bit more secure about going out in the hot weather. 

Stylish, durable and comfortable, the 1CAP hat is the perfect fashion statement this summer my brother believes. Having not stopped wearing it since, he has made it his number one item this summer, to the point he is going to get a small one for my nephew now too. To find out more about 1CAP, head to their website, where you will be able to see more colours and designs. Protecting your head has never looked so good lovelies! 

Joey X

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