The TheraICE Headache Relief Cap Will Be Your Summer Saviour!


Have you ever found yourself having to go into a dark room and sleep off half the day due to a bad headache? Well, that is often how I have to save myself from the pounding. However, I may have just discovered a new hero that could help us all. The brilliant TheraICE Headache Relief Cap. Find out what we thought about it here…

Good Morning Lovelies, 

When summer arrives, I often find myself struggling with nasal pains and migraines. I don’t know if it is the heat, hayfever or the SAD symptoms that bring extra stress, but the pain is horrific. It all starts with my eyes getting orbs that blur my vision. 

Then the pain comes. Leaving me reaching for a painkiller, wet flannel and my bed for a few hours. The migraines can then leave me feeling terrible for days after. As if all the life has been taken out of me. 

It leaves me so anxious that I simply live in fear of them. So, when I was asked if I would like to trial the TheraICE Headache Relief Cap, a one size fits all headache reliever, I jumped at the chance. Built to be worn in two ways, the cap helps to quickly soothe and relieve symptoms, helping to create a comfortable outcome, both in hot and cold temperatures. 

For me, I have to have something cold on my head when a migraine flairs up. As does my mum. So, both of us popped ours into the fridge to help cool them. Super soft, the caps bit around the head perfectly, which was great when we both decided to test them at night. Whilst neither of us had a headache, we wanted to see if they could help prevent them, as we both get them if we don’t have enough sleep. 

Popping it on, straight out of the fridge, as I got into bed. The cal replaced my usual eye mask in a non-invasive way. Having the chill on my forehead actually soothed me to sleep. I didn’t spend the night looking at the clock but instead in what felt like a deep realm. Taking it off in the morning, my eyes actually felt lighter and my mum agreed. 

She suffers from headaches a lot more than me, a side effect of the menopause for her. Using the cal when she felt the beginning of one helped get her back off to sleep. When she woke up, she found the headache gone, her head lighter, as well as feeling more rested. She doesn’t normally sleep with a mask like me, however, she did like feel of this one. 

After trialling the caps for a few more days, we both agreed that the6 were soft, soothing and effective. They seemed to soothe a headache before it had even begun. A fact that we both agreed was a real winner, as we can both be left bed bound when they are really bad. Knowing that I have something at home now which will beat the pain is a huge relief. 

Whilst I am not wishing for a migraine, I am wondering whether they will work for me as much as they did for my mum, who keeps her constantly in the fridge on standby to help her. She prefers to wear the cap now instead of having any medicine, which she wasn’t sure if it was hurting her more than helping. 

Overall, the TheraICE Headache Relief Cap is a real winner in our house! I know for a fact that the reusable mask will be kept on hand for years to come. Especially during the summer months, when my head gets bad. I now long for bedtime just to wear it at times. If you suffer too lovelies, check out their website, as the mask may just be the thing to help you keep your cool whilst having a clear head forever more. 

Joey X

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