Gift Your Dad Some Cotswold Gold This Father’s Day!


Father’s Day is the best occasion to break out the best of the BBQ gifts! However, this year, forget about the normal apron and tongs, it’s time give them the ultimate spicy gift that they’ve been longing for! Full of flavour, these great gifts from Cotswold Gold will go down a right treat with dads and everyone who gets the chance to enjoy them!

Good Morning Lovelies, 

A few weeks ago, I was offered the fantastic opportunity to put a few of the Cotswold Gold Quad Kits to the test. And boy did I say yes! We aren’t a massive BBQ family, however, my mum knows how to make a meal pop with oils and marinades. Something my whole family love! Especially my brother, who has taken on the father figure in our family since my dad passed. 

This Father’s Day, I know that he will be dining well and I hope that lots of your dads can too with the Cotswold Gold fantastic selection. From BBQ based products to classic Steak and Chips trios, there is literally something for everyone. After putting two of them to the test, my mum found the Chilli Lovers and Steak and Chips Kits incredible. The rich oils made the spices stick out, whilst the flavoured salts and sauces were an even bigger bonus. 

With so much praise, I wanted to create a gift guide to celebrate my five top sounding Quad Kits that I think will make a perfect present on the 16th June…

Steak & Chips Kit, £25: Every meat eater loves a good steak, something this kit elevates to new heights. With flavoured salts, sauces and gorgeous oils, you won’t believe what you are eating until you make it. 

British BBQ Kit, £25: Summer is finally here and that means the BBQs are coming out. This kit is the perfect present for the special person in your life who loves ruling the grills. Allowing them to season, oil and smoke their dishes in these flavours will make them the ruler of the BBQ before you know it. 

Veggie Roast Dinner Kit, £25: The kits aren’t just for meat eaters! This set helps to bring flavours to those fantastic vegetarian dishes too. Get those nut roasts, potatoes and vegetables to a higher tier with this kit. 

Chilli Lovers Kit, £25: Spice up your life with this set, as the heat is brought out with the oil, spices and jams in this set. Be warned though, some have a very very hot rating, so only invest if you know that the person eating them can handle the heat. You don’t want to be sending them to hospital on Father’s Day!

British Roast Dinner Kit, £25: Saving the best until last, there is simply nothing better than the classic roast dinner. Something every dad or father figure will be hoping to tuck into on fathering Sunday. Elevate each dish, much like the veggie kit, with this perfect set that signature roast potato oil, rubs and even magical dust. And believe me, it is truly magical. 

There are loads of products available on the Cotswold Gold website, many of which that will make a fantastic present for the father figure in your life this June. My dad would have loved the roast dinner staples. I know that when I buy more in the future, which I have been very encouraged by what my mum has said to do for my family, I will be picking that one up. And when it comes to Christmas, I will be investing in the festive one too. Which one would your dad or father figure enjoy? You’ll have to taste and see! 

Joey X

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