Find Pure Narcotic Delight With INITIO’s New Scents!


What makes a perfume wonderful? Is it the bottle? The smell? The memories? Well, for me it is all of those elements, plus so much more! I love the way that a perfume can make you feel incredible things! The way it can make you feel better! Something the amazing, Narcotic Delight by INITIO, did! Honestly, it is a really life changing scent!

Good Morning Lovelies, 

When does a smell become an obsession? For me, walking into a perfume shop is like heaven. I can spot a scent from any perfume counter a mile off. I simply love it. When I walk into a fragrance store, I could spend hours in there. It is how a scientist must feel when they walk into their labs after finding the cure to all their problems. 

There so, when I found out about the beautifully crafted, Narcotic Delight by INITIO, I was interested. Really interested! The bottle was stunning. The scent sounded incredible and the packaging was like a lamp that held the genie to grant my fragrance wishes. 

Kindly, the team behind the perfume sent me a bottle of their newest scent to try and honestly it was like Christmas Day had arrived. Peeling open the box, I was greeted by a beautiful black bag. Inside, the perfume was hidden. Held in a beautiful black box, the bottle slid out like it was picking up its gold medal at the Olympics. 

It was gorgeous with a silky texture to it. All of which, excited me to smell the fragrance, which had notes of vanilla beans, pink peppers, cognac, juicy cherries and tobacco. A saucy night out in a bottle. 

Upon taking the lid off, I could smell the perfume before it had even been sprayed. The first time it touched my skin, I was in love. You only need one spritz to get a full burst of action that lasts all day. I applied it to my wrist and rubbed to test it, yet, every time I moved I got a hint of it. If I held my wrist up to my nose, it was strong. Even after I had a shower later in the day. 

The 90ml bottle will happily last you a lifetime, as it didn’t take much to make an impact. I even had people asking me who or what I was wearing. An element that I loved! Perfumes should always be like this and I loved that I had discovered a new brand that I could trust to make a difference. As someone with low body confidence, it gave me the boost I needed. 

If it doesn’t sound like the scent for you, they have even more splendid items on their website. However, this one is a real delight and I couldn’t recommend it enough lovelies!

Joey X

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