The Gruffalo & Friends Clubhouse In Blackpool Review


When you go down to the woods today, you might just get a bit of a surprise! No not the one that you would get in the nursery rhyme. But the one you would find in one of Julia Donaldson’s classic books, as we spent the morning delving into The Gruffalo & Friends Clubhouse in Blackpool. See what we found here

Good Morning Lovelies, 

Yesterday, the blog’s little bloggers went down into the dee, dark woods of Blackpool to see if they could spot a familiar face! The Gruffalo and his friends at The Gruffalo & Friends Clubhouse! 

Up bright and early to find him, the experience was one that we will all never forget. Including us big kids too! Arriving at 10:30am, when the venue first opens, we found ourselves face to face with around 30 Beavers and their leaders waiting to get in. We worried a little about whether we would all fit, however, the staff were absolutely amazing at making us all feel so incredibly welcome. 

Upon stepping into the clubhouse, the staff helped us find a spot to put our shoes, before we were welcomed with a song with the main Gruffalo himself. Once pumped up and ready to explore the world of Julia Donaldson, the kids were then let loose in the play area. 

Surrounded by images from the classic books and films that feature on TV each Christmas, the children were allowed to jump, climb, run and go wild. The venue was also fantastic at being adapted for those who may need extra help or facilities. I know this might be a bit odd to mention, however, the accessibly toilets were some of the most spacious and easy to use areas that we had ever seen. Plus, the addition of the characters on the wall kept the kids entertained when we took them to the loo. 

The clubhouse also has a fantastic sensory area, which young child or those with SEN  needs can take a moment and relax in if they find the main space too much. Full of lights, colours and sounds, it is a truly peaceful place to sit down in. 

With over two hours allowed within the attraction, the staff helped to keep the kids entertained, running around with them and making sure they were safe. If we needed to go to the loo ourselves, they helped by watching over them. It really felt like the whole place was built to bring joy to all. 

After a fab hour or so playing in the adventure area, we were invited through to another room. A few moments later and the magic happened! The characters from the books came out to meet each and every one of the children in person. Little Mia, my niece wasn’t too keen on going near them for a picture, which we think was due to the size of them, as she is quite tiny still. 

However, my nephew Leo, who is eight, loved meeting them! High-fiving and hugging them all, as they came into the room. Honestly, I was a little jealous that he got to hang out so much with Stick Man because he was one of my childhood favourites. I can still recall the words to the book, but that is for another time. 

Once the pictures had been taken, we were kindly escorted out into the shop, which had a great selection of products and items to remind us of our time. After browsing for a bit, we picked up our shoes and headed back out, away from the forest, with a hint of sadness in the air. 

If you have little ones, they will simply love the experience. We weren’t sure if my nephew would feel to old for it. However, he loved every second. Even us adults did too, embracing a chance to slide down a few of the areas too. I’m certain that after such a fantastic morning it won’t be long until we are back though meeting the Gruffalo again! And maybe even a Stick Man, Zog or more too! 

Joey X

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