Sip Away On Carouse This Summer With Their Uplift & Drift Creations


Ever dream of drifting away? Or need a big old uplifting moment? Well, you can now have both, thanks to the brilliant Carouse, who have made perfect seasonal tipples that everyone can enjoy! This non-alcoholic drinks brand will leave you feeling refreshed and cosy whilst drinking. Find out why here lovelies!

Good Morning Lovelies, 

The theme of non-alcoholic drinks that can be enjoyed this summer continues, as I have the very big pleasure of introducing you all to the fantastic Carouse drinks! Refreshing, light and super tasty, you won’t miss the alcohol at all lovelies! 

Described as being served best over ice or in a mixer, Carouse has two beautiful blends on the market right now. Described and called Uplift and Drift, the two drinks match the changing of the seasons easily, making the brand a great treat throughout the year.

Uplift is a tipple with a fantastic taste of citrus fruits and warming ginger with extracts of guarana, maca, gingko biloba, peppercorn and a subtle hint of chilli. Whilst Drift is full of summer fruits and mixed berries with extracts of cooling cucumber, echinacea, ashwagandha and basil.

With the warm weather on the horizon, it inspired me to put the drinks to the test, calling my mother to get involved with the taste testing again. Seeing as the drinks could be enjoyed in a shit like format, this was the way to go, so I grabbed our glasses and poured away. 

Starting with the summery sounding one, which I thought was perfect as we head into Spring, I handed over Drift for my mum to enjoy. Now, I will say that she didn’t take it like a shot. Instead she sipped it away, taking in all the flavours. When I asked for her thoughts, she went on to tell me that it could rival her beloved Pimms. She described it as being a drink that you could easily add to cool lemonade in the summer to enjoy whilst watching a lazy sunset. It made her mouth feel fresh and she could taste it for ages afterwards, making her want more of it. 

After a successful first drink, I then handed her the shot of Uplift. Having read the name when I took the bottle out of the box it came in, my mum asked if it would do what it was called. I can now confirm that it does lovelies!

As soon as the drink touched my mum’s tongue, she stated that it had a kick to it. Nothing bad, just something that could warm you up nicely on a cold day. A drink to cosy up with next to a roaring fireplace. As someone who doesn’t like mulled wine, my mum stated that this was a good replacement and agreed that you definitely should enjoy it in the depths of winter. It has endless cosy vibes attached. Something that the ginger flavour enhanced. 

Carouse were a brand that neither of us had heard of or tried before. Yet, they have got a new fan. My mum has placed Drift at the front of our drinks self to embrace again over the coming weeks, whilst storing Uplift for those cold winter nights. She stated that the lack of alcohol was definitely not a bad thing, as there was no burning sensation that, which she said normally makes a drink lack taste in her opinion. In fact, we can both honestly say that the drinks were hugely popular and will continue to be so! It’s time to embrace some of the best new products on the market this summer lovelies, one sip at a time! 

Joey X

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