That’s Dope! Play The Coolest Game To Get The Party Started


Wondering what to play on those odd rainy days? That’s Dope could be the one to win out of all the newest gaming choices out there. With fun answers and even better conversations to be had from it, there are hours to be lost to this. Find out why you will all love it here…

Good Morning Lovelies, 

Do you ever find yourself in urgent need to just play a game? Like a childhood need? Well, the other day, I did! And magically, after putting out a little request for help, the team at That’s Dope: A Party Game For Strong Opinions got in touch.

Sending me a full version of their game, alongside the custom card pack, all the way from New York, I couldn’t wait to get stuck in. Suitable for two to six players, it’s the perfect game to bring out at any party. Whether it be a big event or a quiet dinner party, the game will get everyone talking, laughing and possibly arguing. Although, the last one may come more from family members. 

Created as a conversation starter, the aim of the game is to allow players to guess which ones of them voted dope or nope in regard to funny topics. As each round starts, one player reads out a topic on a white card. Then each player votes whether they think it is dope or nope, using a black card. However, they can’t reveal who voted what, as the player who picked the topic must now guess how many voted dope. The player with the most correct answers wins. 

It’s such an easy game, yet, it went on for hours in our house, as we couldn’t stop discussing the answers that people had given. Each game is said to last around 20 minutes, however, ours truly didn’t. Some of the topics that we got were actually quite thought provoking too and presented situations that we had never discussed before. 

Whilst we played the game on a rainy Sunday afternoon, both my mum and I thought that it would be the perfect set of cards to bring out a summer BBQ or after dinner on Christmas Day. We loved the ease of setting it up and just getting started. You could play it on the go because of this in fact. 

Fun, interesting and full of conversation starters that may bring you closer to your nearest and dearest, the game is truly dope. Having never heard of it before, I was pleasantly surprised by what I found. I’m not encouraging my friends, family and you lovelies to look into it, as I think you will all also have a lot of fun with it. It’s truly will get the party started! 

Joey X

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