Five Ways To Help You Beat A Cold For Less


Just this morning, I was on the phone to NHS 111! However, whilst I love our health service, there are some things that I do that a doctor can’t prescribe. From honey to hankies, the following five things are just some of the best ways I believe that can help you to treat a cold. Get better quicker with these wonders…

Good Morning Lovelies, 

Whilst writing this, I am breathing like Darth Vader! No, I haven’t gone to the dark side, instead, I am suffering from a bad head cold, all based in my nose. I absolutely hate having a cold. The endless tissues, sneezes and bodily fluids are horrific. Plus, the heavy breathing that comes with a cough or blocked nose. 

Having suffered with colds, pneumonia and asthma from the age of two though, I have discovered lots of things to do or use to make yourself feel better. Many of which are super cheap or even free. If you are suffering like me, I hope that the following can help you beat the horrors of your latest cold…

Wrap Up In A Heated Throw: My energy company kindly sent me a heated throw to help save money. Now, I go to bed every night with it. This past week, whilst ill, it has been my lifeline. Snuggling up under it on a cold night is like being wrapped up in a soothing hug. Just what you need when you don’t feel very well!

Enjoy Lots Of Honey: Honey is well known for having good cold battling properties lovelies, so have a spoonful of the stuff to help get rid of your cold. In fact, spread it on everything, add it to your tea or a warm glass of milk, put it on your porridge or cereal. I swear by the stuff daily. I would honestly say that since I started eating it I haven’t had as many couch’s or colds in fact. It’s bloody delicious for all the right reasons.

Drink Warming Beverages: Warm milk with a drizzle of honey. Hot Vimto or Ribena. A cosy cup of tea. The soothing effects of a warm drink on a sore or dry throat is gorgeous. You lose a lot of fluids when ill lovelies, so find the best hot beverage to keep you hydrated, whilst enjoying the great tastes of them too. Winter Spice Ribena is a real winner lovelies.

Carry A Hankie: Recently, I found that tissues were ruining my nose, causing sores and red marks. The luxury of a hankie is so much better and I don’t feel like I am wasting as much paper. Cost effective, better for the environment and kinder on skin, it’s the perfect product to help beat a bug.

Wear Your Best PJs: Find the fluffiest, cosiest PJs that you have and pop them on lovelies. When unwell, there is nothing better than putting on you confuse, including fluffy socks and snuggling inside with a good film or TV box set. I’ve been doing this throughout this cold. 

These are just some simple ways that can help you feel better and beat the dire cold symptoms. Whilst some might not actually do anything to battle the germs, they can make you as a person feel better, which is key in getting well overall. Especially the comfy PJs. Get them on lovelies, you just can’t beat them! It’s time to snuggle up and get well! I hope you feel better soon lovelies! 

Joey X

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