Tenol Will Save Your Lips This Summer


With the weather unable to decide what it wants to do, the heating wrecking havoc with our skin and daily skin issues, our lips can be forgotten about. Yet, with the use of Tenol, they can finally get the care and attention that they deserve. From soothing balms to fantastic exfoliators, find out what I thought of the here…

Good Morning Lovelies, 

A few weeks ago, I asked the world if they could help me. As I try to appreciate my body a bit more, I want to discover some new and upcoming beauty brands, who may be able to help me on my journey. 

One company who replied to me was Tenol. Built to help protect our lips from damage, the brand was made after the creator suffered terrible effects from the sun. With two products on sale, including the Tenol Exfoliating Lip Gel and the Tenol Lip Remedy Balm, I was kindly sent the gel to trial. 

After only a few days, I received the gel in the post. Unscrewing the item, I found quite a watery gel, which went everywhere I have to admit. However, there was still plenty in the pot to give it a try. Following the handle instructions, I cleaned my face and lips, before applying a small amount of the gel to my lips. 

Instantly I found that my lips went a little cold, with a hint of tingling included. This is something the brand does point out. Giving it a couple of minutes to work, I returned to the bathroom to wash the gel off and to dry my lips. I then left them to get the full effects of the whole process. 

Waking up in the morning, I was really happy with the results. My lips felt softer and my daily lip balm glided on easily. Deciding to keep the remainder of the product for the summer, I know it will go down a treat when my mouth gets affected by the hot weather. 

Having never heard of the brand before, I was really happy with what I found. Tenol’s creators have used their experiences to help others and that they have. It is a product that can make a brilliant difference in just a matter of minutes. 

Impressed, lip blessed and definitely ready to become obsessed, I would definitely suggest taking a look at the brand’s website to find out more. Your lips will thank you! 

Joey X

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