My March 2024 Monthly Favourites


It’s that time of the month where I reflect on everything that won my heart over in March! From streaming services to perfumes and food, there are so many items that I want to celebrate and share with you all! March may have seemed like a short month, however, it really did spring into action with these wonders that filled up my world…

Good Morning Lovelies, 

How are we already in April? 2024 needs to slow down a little bit and that is coming from me! Someone who wants every year to rush off to autumn and Christmas aha! Honestly, you are going to have to stop me from putting up the tree soon.

March was a very full month, however, it brought with it a lot of joy and relaxation. Something that was encouraged by the following, which truly made the past month special…

My Favourite App - Prime Video: Recently, I have been watching a lot more items on Prime Video. I have the app on every one of my devices and love that the app appears on my Alexa Echo Show too. As I’ve fallen into a bit of a Neighbours fandom at the moment, it is keeping both me and my mum entertained as we watch it. I’ve also learnt that I can shop for items from my favourite shows through it too. 

My Favourite TV Show/Film - The Jury: Murder Trial: Never have I been more hooked on a show than I was on this one. I watched the first three one right after the other, before waiting very impatiently for the fourth one, which included the verdict. Watch it on 4OD now lovelies. I promise you will be just as sucked in. 

My Favourite Food Find - Aldi Multigrain Dino Shapes: Every week, I have been loving these as a kind of biscuit alternative. They are so cute, really filling and perfect when you need something to keep that sweet tooth satisfied. I have them in a kind of packed lunch kind of dinner on a Friday night and I love it! 

My Favourite Beauty Item - Aldi Lacura Refine Luscious Lengths Shampoo: I decided to trial this one after being a loyal fan of the L’Oreal version. This is exactly the same lovelies. I am now a converted fan, which means I’m going to save a ton of money now, as this is less than £1.50 in store.

My Favourite Podcast - Comfort Eating with Grace DentI mentioned this on the blog before, however, recently I’ve become obsessed with it again. I even did a blog post dedicated to it. Grab your favourite comfort food and settle in to find out about what Grace’s guests love to eat when alone in their homes. The David Meyers episode is fantastic! 

My Favourite Experience - Mother’s Day: I’m sure many of you thought I was going to say Easter, however, recently, I’ve learnt that it’s not my favourite of the holidays. Mother’s Day is a firm fave of mine though. Being able to surprise my mum and treat her all day made my March even more special. I love you Mother Lover! 

What was your favourite thing about March lovelies? I hope you all had a fantastic one and that April brings you even more joy! 

Joey X

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