Microplane Will Make You Truly Grateful For Their Universal Mill


Do you hate the mess that grating food can bring lovelies? For me, it’s the horrors that cheese creates! It somehow manages to go everywhere! However, thankfully, the team at Microplane have created the ultimate kitchen gadget that will help you to reduce clean up time, whilst preventing food waste and health hazards too! Discover their newest life saving kitchen tool right here…

Good Morning Lovelies, 

I love a gadget! Any kind or type, it is one of my favourite things in the world to trial the newest products on the market. Especially ones that will hopefully make our lives a whole lot easier. Something that led to this item landing in my kitchen. 

The bigger, wider and newest member of the Microplane family is their new Universal Mill. Featuring three stainless steel blades, the mill can help you to grind your items into fine, coarse or ribbon shaped pieces. A true gem for not only the kitchen but also the dining experience as a whole, with the mill being able to cut through chocolate, cheese, nuts, pepper and spices. Plus, with an easy to store system added, you can save any extras for your next dish too. 

Safely situated in the mill, the blades are hidden away from the base of the products, meaning fingers and hands are protected from any mishaps occurring. An element that is brilliant when you see the product in use because it goes to town. As my mum and me experienced when she used it to add cheese to the top of her jacket potato. 

Simple to set up, we followed the instructions exactly as we were told. Popping off the top of the mill, we placed a lump of cheddar cheese to it, before placing the top back on, pushing down and twisting it clockwise. 

Instantly, the cheese started to fall like rain from the sky onto the potato. Oozing all over it, there was hardly any mess, unlike a normal grater, which helped me a lot with my OCD and issues around food. 

Once my mum had grated enough, she then simply turned the mill over and took out the cheese she no longer needed. Still in a perfect chunk, she could place it back in the packet, without having a load of mess made. She then washed it, finding the process easier too, as it didn’t leave any cheese sticking to the blade. 

Since this first time, we have since used the mill on other items too. From spices in soups to coffee beans in fact, the blade is so sharp that it has made my life so much easier, as well as my mum’s. I don’t have the strength to grate items for a long time, however, this is so smooth that I can use it. 

Seriously, we were really impressed by the mill and will continue to use it until it can be used no more. Microplane are continuing to influence the market in a superb way and seeing products like this makes me excited to see what they are going to be bringing to the market next. If you need something like this in your lives lovelies, look out for them in shops now. You will be truly grateful (sorry)!

Joey X

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