My March 2024 Food Finds!


I’ve struggled a lot with foods over the past few months, however, I’ve been working hard to introduce some new ones into my life. And it’s not all been honey! From Easter traditional foods to dried fruit, I’ve really worked hard to make some changes. Many of which I’ve managed to enjoy too! Here are some of the foods I discovered in March…

Good Morning Lovelies, 

March was a hectic month it seemed! From Mother’s Day to Easter, everything went at around a hundred miles per hour. However, I took a few moments this month to try and find some new foods to try. Although I may not have been 100% comfortable with the changes, I am very proud that I have done them. 

There so, I thought I would share the new food finds that I discovered this month. Some I am yet to try, however, I’m proud of myself for taking that one step closer to having them. March’s food finds were…

Tesco’s Soft Bread Rolls: For just 90p, you can six fresh bread rolls. When I spotted these, I knew that I wanted to give them a go with some strawberry jam. However, I also have visions of myself trying them with cucumber in the summer. I used to love a cucumber sandwich when I was little. Who else is with me? These rolls are just perfect. Doughy, soft and full of bounce, they have made me enjoy rolls again.

Aldi Everyday Essentials Hot Cross Buns: 65p was all it took to completely change my Easter. I wanted to tackle one super hard food during the festive weekend and after discovering these in store I did it. Warmed up and covered in runny jam, with apple and dino bites on the side, I was reminded why these are so good all over again!

Strawberries: My mum knew how much I wanted to try and have strawberries again. She went to our local supermarket to buy them and supported me throughout eating them again. We even had them stewed in the porridge above. It was so sweet and refreshing!

Warburton Crumpet Thins: Before I swapped to the bread rolls above, I tried these new crumpets. Soft, bouncy and perfect as a Sunday night dinner, they reminded me of my time spent as a kid enjoying them as a snack after my bath before school the next day. Again, I like mine with jam, however, my mum said they were great with Marmite and butter too.

Aldi Mini Raisin Boxes: Instead of having just jam or honey on my cereal, I brought some raisins and have been adding them in. I love them with a warm bowl of Cornflakes. Especially on a chilly morning. They are perfectly plump, sweet and as a topping. 

I have been trying to cut down on how much sugar I have been having recently lovelies, although my love for honey is still strong. This has made me have a few more savoury things, which I think this list shows. Hopefully, by the next post, I will have tried the red lentils. Fingers crossed lovelies! 

What did you all enjoy in March lovelies? 

Joey X

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