Ted’s Bowl Is The Newest Brand To Help Feed Our Pets Best


Do you love a ready meal? Sometimes they are just the best! Especially when they can help to not only feed us but also our beloved pets. After rebranding themselves, Ted’s Bowl is offering a fine dining ready meal experience for our pets that they won’t be able to get enough of. We let our pets test them to discover how they reacted!

Good Morning Lovelies, 

Remember a while ago when I told you all about the fantastic brand, Hug Pet Food, which allowed us to sample a number of their dog friendly dishes with my neighbours dogs? Well, they have had a makeover, rebranding themselves as Ted’s Bowl. However, even though they look different, they are still offering the greatest meals for your cats and dogs. 

Having recently secured a new deal with Ocado, the UK’s first ready meals for pets, offers a culinary option for the animals in your lives. And kindly, we were allowed to give our neighbours pets the chance to try the dishes again. Now at a more senior age, the meals came suitable for their size and tailored needs. 

Delivered freshly frozen, the meals easily slotted into our freezer until we were ready to test them. In our parcel, we received the Lamb with Garden MintChicken with Carrots and Beef with Sweet Potato options. In the past, we have tried the Christmas dinner option too. 


With two Cocker Spaniels ready and waiting, we got the meals out a day early to defrost them well enough to eat. Once they had thawed to a safe standard, we then put them into the microwave and cooked them for the correct timings, before dishing the first one up in their bowls. This was the beef and sweet potato option. 

Full of chopped but easily identifiable ingredients, you could see the fresh beef and vegetables within the mixture. Unlike other meals, it didn’t have the horrid dog food smell, but more of a home cooked meal scent. As soon as the bowls touched the floor, the dogs got stuck in and ate the lot quickly. So fast in fact that we had to wait until the next day to dish up the following meal. 

Opting for the chicken and carrot dish, we followed the same cooking methods, before placing it on the floor. Again, we could see the real ingredients, which presented a roast dinner type smell. The meat looked fresh, with no bones or preservatives in sight. The dogs loved this one, eating it quicker than the meal before. They were wagging their tails for ages after in fact. 

The last meal we trialled with them was the lamb and mint one. As soon as we prepared this, we could smell the fresh mint. It gave off a really strong aroma. Nothing unpleasant, just as if it had come straight off the plant. Using the same methods and serving techniques, we then gave it to the digs. They didn’t go straight in this time, however, once they had their first bite, they seemed to enjoy it a lot. 

Easy to heat and dish up, without the nasty smells or chemicals, these meals are perfect for both animals. They present meals that not only give them all the nutrients that they need but also serving sizes that were great for their tummies. They loved the meals, especially the chicken one, which was a delight to see. 

Affordably priced, each meal is under £5, however, both myself and my neighbour thought that these would be perfect as a dish to have on Sunday with the rest of the family. The pets personal roast dinner dish shall we say. Ted’s Bowl is a brand that is worthy of the praise it gets and one we will go back to again and again! We highly recommend them lovelies! 

Joey X

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