Olitory’s Polish Dumplings Are The Perfect Summer Dinner Additions This Year!


When I mention dumplings, which country do you think it first? Well, after getting my mum to try these gorgeous looking dumplings for you all, it seems that Poland are the true winners. Find out what and what happened during the taste testing here!

Good Morning Lovelies, 

When it comes to dumplings, lots of people think of the kind you get from Asian restaurants. However, did you know that they are even more popular varieties around the world, including Poland’s very own Pierogi! Full of sweet and savoury fillings, these subtle delights can elevate any dish. 

There so, when the fantastic Olitory Kitchen asked me if I would like to try some of theirs I told my mum to put on her Mother’s Mouthful uniform to prepare for the ultimate tasting session. My mum is someone who loves savoury over sweet, so it was incredibly lucky when we got two of their more traditional mixes inside a well chilled box. 

Two tubes of 10 dumplings, five meant for each person, can be found inside the tubs, all in their own packaging, making it easier to freeze. However, they didn’t have any chance of seeing the freezer in our house. Popping them in a pan, we followed the instructions on how to cook them before plating up. 

Although she had cooked them, my mum had no clue which was which, as we didn’t worry about not cooking them together. Although, I will say that if you are vegan then please be careful. With one dumpling being filled with Wild Mushroom and Sauerkraut (Vegan) and the other with Polish curd cheese, Onion and Potato, there was definitely a mix of traditional and continental styles infused together. Especially when it came to the cheese, onion and potato dumplings. 

Sitting down at the table, she picked up the first one to try. Biting in, you could see the curd cheese ooze out from the dumpling. It was a little bit stringy but oh so perfect. Mum had never tried a Polish dumpling before, yet, from the moans that came out of her mouth, I could tell that these were a real winner in her eyes. 

Finishing off the dumpling quickly, she simply stated that she would be having them again. She could tell that they were fresh, homemade and created with care. She stated that the filling was just the right amount. Nothing was dry or overdone, it was all perfect. A great first try we agreed. 

Moving on, we searched the plate for the mushroom dumpling. Finding one that looked like it was the right kind, she took a bite. Having never had Sauerkraut before, she was a little unsure at first. However, deciding to give it another go, she took a further bite and concluded that she was impressed by them. 

Preferring the potato, cheese and onion one, she did state though that the mushroom dumpling had a kick like nothing she had sampled before. A pleasant one but not something she would normally go for. Yet, she would have them again to further her tastebuds she said. 

Overall, when asked about her overall thoughts, mum was pleased with her first findings of Polish dumplings. Refreshing, handmade and perfect as a lunch, snack or part of a main meal, she happily stated that Olitory’s was on to a real winner with these creations. A fact that they should be very proud of! 

To discover more lovelies about the brand or to shop online, head to their website, which has everything you need to know! Plus, lots of other cakes, flavours and more to try! 

Joey X

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