Sensitive Eyes Will Love Rumi Cosmetiques! Here’s Why…


Get thicker, fuller and healthier looking eyebrows and lashes with the revolutionaries new products from Rumi Cosmetiques. Using brand new technology to make products suitable for sensitive eyes, you can feel safe and secure applying the serums, gels and creams. Honestly, the results were incredible. Find out what happened when me and my neighbour put the products to the test…

Good Morning Lovelies, 

A while ago, I asked for some help in finding new beauty products on the market. Thankfully, some brilliant companies stepped up to help me, including the fantastic Rumi Cosmetiques. Creating products to help those with sensitive eyes, each item leaves its mark in very good but different ways.

Kindly gifting me their PowerBrow+ Tinted Eyebrow Gel (£26) and Serum Duo Set (£102), the team advised me on the best ways to use them to help me feel better, especially when it came to an issue with one of my eyebrows. After a nasty fall, I now have a deep scar in one of my brows, which I often get a little conscious about it. 

Due to me having to have the cut glued together, it ripped away all of my hair follicles in one line when it dissolved/was removed. This has left me with one of those slit looking cuts in my brow, which I can’t stand. Applying the BrowCare+ Serum, which was in the Duo Set, I followed the instructions to do it at night. After washing my face, I applied a thin layer just before I went to sleep. I won’t lie, I did get worried about what I would wake up to, yet, I shouldn’t have been. 

Upon showering in the morning, I cleaned my face throughly before looking in the mirror. In only 24 hours, I could see a difference. My eyebrows felt softer, fluffier but not too over the top. The vitamins in the serum had seriously worked their magic. Something I have seen continue over the past month that I have been using it. My scar is practically hidden and I feel a bit more confident too. 

With the scar still raw, I was a bit scared to apply the PowerBrow+ Tinted Eyebrow Gel to my brows though. So, my neighbour Casey stepped in to help. In one simple swipe, the gel is said to redefine brows to give a more vibrant, natural looking brow. Using the dark brown gel, she swiped it on quickly, liking the swiftness of the application. She found it to be so much more accessible instead of going to get them dyed, making it easier as a mum of six to make a change. 

Boosting her confidence, she felt incredibly happy with the outcome in fact, as she found her brows also looked fuller, healthier and better overall compared to when they are simply tinted. Plus, she stated that she didn’t need to use much of the product to make the difference. 

Having told her about the LashCare+ Serum, she asked me if she could also trial this with me. This meant that we both put this one to the test. With two very different looking eyelashes, it was intriguing to me to see what would happen. Naturally, I have my dad’s dark Italian eyes and eyelashes. They are quite long - if I curl them they touch my eyebrows - which has made me feel super confident. Happily, I can say that eyes are my favourite feature. However, Casey’s are a little different, being a little shorter than mine. 

Pouring a little bit from the bottle into a sample tray, Casey took away her serum to trial, whilst I used the brush from the bottle. Again, the product was advised to be used at night, at least an hour before bed. Swiping just one application on my upper lashline, I left the serum to dry, before going to sleep. 

Doing exactly what I do when I use the brow serum, I could feel my lashes were softer. They seemed a little darker in fact and definitely fuller. Speaking to Casey, she found the same thing, even stating that they seemed strong enough for her to now curl and make appear longer. Both of us were and still are very happy with the results. 

At affordable beauty prices, especially when being brought separately, the gel and serum sets are great at making a person feel confident and comfortable. I get bad hay fever around my eyes, which leaves them itchy, so I am cautious about what I put near my eyes, however, I can happily say that I had no reactions from this. I was happy with the results, as was Casey, and feel more confident in how my eyes look. Especially, when it comes to my scar. Having never heard of Rumi Cosmetiques, I can happily say that they are now a firm favourite and a brand I would definitely recommend to you all! 

Joey X

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