Spoon Cereals & ManiLife Team Up For The Ultimate Granola!


Get your mornings off to a fantastic start with this new limited edition cereal from Spoon Cereals and ManiLife, as they join forces to make a peanut butter granola like no other! With rich, caramelised oats and peanuts, all mixed together with their incredible peanut butter, you won’t be able to get enough of it. Find out how my mum got on here…

Good Morning Lovelies, 

Our house is a house filled with cereal lovers! From the moment I was born, I can’t recall a time where I haven’t had them at least once a day. They are the foods I find the easiest to enjoy and will often top mine with fruit and honey or jam to start my mornings off well. The same goes for my mum, brother and nephew, who each have their favourites too! 

There so, when I put out a call to find out about some of the best and newest cereals on the market at the moment, I was incredibly excited to find out more about Spoon Cereals’ new Peanut Butter Granola, created in partnership with peanut butter legends ManiLife. Gifting me two boxes to trial, it was time to call in my mother to get to do a mouthful with mum taste test. 

Now, I will admit to you all that my mum hates peanut butter. Even the smell sees her turn her nose up at it. There so, I decided to keep the flavour hidden from her until after the testing. Pouring the granola into a bowl, you could smell the rich scent of peanut butter coming off it, especially when they soaked into the milk. Holding their shape well, the oats were crisp, fresh and great in size. A quality my mum noted when I handed her the bowl. 

With no other toppings, to get the most authentic response, she took her first bite of the granola, which had the multi-award-winning ManiLife peanut butter, peanut flour and juicy raisins in it. At first, she didn’t look so sure. However, by the second mouthful, she was a fan. She asked me if the flavour was meant to be that of caramelised nuts, as she said it reminded her of the kind you find on street markets. 

Keeping the truth from her until she finished the bowl, she was shocked with the real main ingredient. Especially when she said that she would never have guessed it, yet, after finding out could tell. It could be quite possible that this cereal has converted her into a fan. We may have to do a peanut butter taste test to find out aha! 

Overall, the cereal went down a storm and now my mum is quite the fan. Spoon Cereals was a brand that I found out about on Dragons Den and now I can proudly say that I have them in my home. They made my mum’s morning a whole lot better and I am sure if you head to Ocado, who currently stocks this flavour, yours will be too. A spoonful a day will make everything great again! 

Joey X

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