Desavery Is The New Skincare Brand You Need To Know About


We all want the best skin we can get lovelies! There so, when I heard about new brand on the street, Desavery, I couldn’t wait to give their now iconic products a go. From oils to serums, they have made something for all to enjoy. I put it to the test as part of my night time routine. Discover what I thought here…

Good Morning Lovelies, 

As many of you know, I am on a mission to get better skin. Currently, I am suffering from the ultimate cold, which is causing me to have a super runny nose. This has led to a very side nose, so I am reaching for all the serums and creams I can to fix it. Including the new brand I have discovered, Desavery

Fresh from America, the brand works to create the best skincare results possible, whilst also making organic, hand-blended, gender-neutral, vegan, cruelty-free products, which are packaged in glass. And believe me when I tell you lovelies that they look, smell and feel amazing because of it. 

Upon receiving some samples to try, I was gifted three of their bestsellers including the Garrigue Body Oil, Stellar Serum and Smooth Hyaluronic Acid. After getting them in the morning, I decided to leave it until just before I got into bed, to help me with my wind down process. 

Having got into my comfy PJs, I washed my face and body, before getting started on the items with the Smooth Hyaluronic Acid. Created to prevent moisture being lost, the product provided a silky smooth application, which was found to reflect onto my skin upon waking up in the morning. It didn’t burn and I found that the soothing scents of sage and bergamot helped get me into a sleepy state. Especially when applied with the Stellar Serum. 

Filled with brightening Vitamin K, the serum has the same smell as the acid, yet with added oils to further nourish the skin. Applying this to my face after the acid, I found that it was really helpful to my scars, which still ache when touched. It helped to make the area a lot less sensitive, even when I washed my face the morning after. My skin looked better, the sore under my nose looked like it was healing and overall, I felt better as a whole. 

An element that was also appliquéd when I could see how well my whole body had reacted to the Garrigue Body Oil. Different in smell to the others, with floral notes of juniper, fig and wild cypress instead, the rice bran oil within the product helped to give the moisture retention levels that my skin needed. Due to my health, I get very dry skin, yet after only a few applications, I could see and feel the difference. Again giving me the confidence boost that I have been needing. 

Having never heard of the brand before, I was really happy with the results that I got. Desavery are a brand that I am certain will be making big waves in the UK soon, as everyone here needs to know about it. Clean, organic and economical, it’s a brand making a difference. One that I can happily support and hope you can too lovelies! Your skin will love you even more for it! 

Joey X

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