My April Hertford Library Book Selection Is Here!


With spring now in the air, it’s time to get cosy under the warm sun with a feel good book! Get ready to enjoy some of best laughs, thrills and truly joyous new and classic novels that will warm your soul. They are now on display at Hertford Library, so I hope you can all pop in and enjoy them. This month I’ve picked…

Good Morning Lovelies, 

April has arrived and whilst we await to see if it will bring showers, I have been preparing my new selection for my Hertford Library based display. Hoping to bring your next big read to life, I have found ten books that you are going to want to pick up, as well as a huge read to celebrate the month! 

Get ready to have your mind blown by these novels this April…

In Your Defence: True Stories of Life and Law by Sarah Langford: Recently, I binged on the show The Jury: Murder Trial on Channel 4. Whilst watching, I didn’t expect to get as hooked in as I did. Since then, I have been reading a lot about the legal system. This book is one of the best I have picked up in a longtime, breaking everything down that you need to know. 

Supper For Six by Fiona Sherlock: When six people go to a dinner party, only five of them come out alive. With twists and turns on every single page. Honestly, you won’t be able to put it down until you have found out what has happened!

As Long As The Lemon Tree Grows by Zoulfa Katouh: This YA novel will blow you away. When the young female character is faced with the death of her brother and the aftermath it leaves, she decides to save those around her from the war. Yet, when she meets someone who could be the love of her life everything changes. Harrowing from the get go, this is a book that will go down in history. 

Little White Lies by Jennifer Lynn Barnes: Full to the brim with secrets, scandal and lies, this new YA book will have you guessing ever single second. As the lead character uncovers not only who her father may be, she also finds out all the secret goings on that the women around her are keeping hidden. Perfect for young and old to read. 

She’s In CTRL by Dr Anne-Marie Imafidon: You all know that I love my tech, however, it can be hard to be taken seriously in regard to it. This book will help you break down those barriers to celebrate the female love of the tech industry. 

Belladonna by Adalyn Grace: What would you do if you learnt that you had secret relatives? Ones who are filled to the brim with secrets of their own. Orphaned as a child, teenager Signa is now learning about who her real family are. People that she may not be expecting. You will want to pass this book on to everyone you know! 

Seven Summers by Paige Toon: Summer will soon be here, so it is time to discover some of the latest romance novels around before you hit the beach. Trapped in a love triangle, Liv finds herself having to choose between the man who has always been there for her every summer and the new face who turns up in her life. Get ready to fall in love with this sunshine filled book.

Island In The Sun by Katie Fforde: Whilst you may be expecting a summer romp from the title of this book,you will actually find yourself in a journey of self discovery alongside the main character. Faced with heading to an idyllic destination, the lead character soon discovers a place looking to rebuild itself after the horrors of the natural world strike. 

Elsewhere by Gabrielle Zevin: Fresh from her previous hit, this new novel sees a young girl woman have to face the new home she lives in after being killed in a hit and run  accident. Dark but with a lot of meaning, you will view your life in a completely different way after reading.

Wayward by Emilia Hart: Every single woman in the Weyward family has been treated horrifically. Though, they are not women who will be tied down and told what to do. Incredibly empowering, this is the book that everyone needs to read. 

Book Of The Month - The Murder After The Night Before by Katy Brent: Fresh from her previous murder filled book, Brent is back with another chilling tale. Darker than her previous one, the beaches will be covered in this book during the summer holidays. 

What are you all currently reading? I hope that you all find your next perfect read from the selection above. If you do enjoy any of them, please do let me know! I love to hear from you all! 

Joey X

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