Liquid London Will Bring Out A New Side To You This Spring


Looking to find the one? Well, this new perfume from Liquid London may be able to help you lovelies! Filled with lotions and potions that can attract anyone to you, after only one spritz, it is a real game changer. Smelling absolutely delicious, it’s going to become your new favourite fragrance, I am sure of it. Find out all about Liquid London here…

Good Morning Lovelies, 

Years ago, I heard about this perfume that used the pheromones in your body to help you attract people to you. Whether it be in a loving, friendly of business manner, it was said to help make people want to be around you. As an introvert, I wasn’t sure if it was for me, however, when the brand Liquid London reached out to ask if I would like to try their version, I decided to give it a go. 

Receiving a full sized version of the for her scent, the perfume had notes of mango, bergamot, jasmine, olibanum, vanilla, sandalwood and of course yourself. Spraying it in my room first, I instantly loved it. It was fruity, without any musky elements. Something I don’t like in perfumes. I am definitely a sweet person when it comes to fragrances. 

The day after trialling it in my room, I decided to be grave and put it to the full test. Spritzing it on after my shower, the spray was strong enough that I didn’t need to use much of it. As soon as my mum came in from work, she came up to me to tell me I smelt nice. The first sign that maybe the perfume was working. 

Heading out later on, I was shocked by the amount of people who came near me. A lady in a supermarket told me she liked my perfume. A man in the shop smiled at me. A big grin I mean. I personally felt more confident. Something that was really needed, as I tried this on a Wednesday, which is one of the days I find tough in the week. 

Leaving the fragrance for a few days, I decided to trial it one more time, before I decided for good if it was working. This time I wore it when speaking to people at my local library and on a business call. Sorting out my display of books, many people came up to me to ask about them. A fact I think the perfume played a part in. When it came to the call, again I felt super confident. 

Overall, I felt like the brand had made magic in a bottle. There was something so refreshing about the smell, as the hormone inducing chemicals made me feel better, whilst attracting others to listen, smile and connect with me more. Liquid London is a brand that will help all of us feel great I am certain. Plus, at £39, they are a good price for a fantastic fragrance. 

The real science and magic is all explained on their website lovelies, so you can find out better how it all works there. For now though, I would definitely tell you to trial it if you can, as you will see and smell magic happen instantly! I promise! 

Joey X

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