Meet The Gentleman Of Your Dreams With The Gentleman Brewing Company


It’s time to find the gentleman of your dreams, as the team at The Gentleman Brewing Company have made the ultimate beers, stouts, lagers and more for you to enjoy this summer. You will want to wear your fanciest clothes when sipping on one of these due to their very classy nature. Find out what happened when we tried them here!

Good Morning Lovelies, 

We may all just be getting over the fantastic Netflix series, The Gentlemen, however, I have a new set of gentlemen to introduce you to! Some who are just as exciting! As BBQ season officially hots up, The Gentleman Brewing Company, have been working hard to make a whole new set of lagers, ales and butters for the hot weather! 

Kindly gifted the whole crew to try, I was greeted to a box which included, The Botanist (Functionale), The Henry (Modern Bitter), The Explorer (Stout), The Squire (Blonde Ale)The Stockbroker (Helles Lager) and The Captain (IPA). Each bottle was huge and beautifully designed. I won’t lie, I even fancied a few of the guys aha! 

With both my mum and I not the biggest lager fans, we waited for my brother to come to our house to try them. When he saw the bottles, he agreed that they were super stylish and was shocked when I told him that they only cost £3.50 a bottle. From the looks of them he thought they would be a lot more. 

Popping the lid on one of the bottles, he took small sips from each one. Going back for seconds on some of his favourites. Don’t worry lovelies, we did this test over a few days, so he didn’t get tipsy at all. Yet, he said he could easily enjoy a few of them with friends on a hot day. 

We had chilled them before the taste test and he said it added to the depths of the flavour. With just the right amount of head, the drinks were brewed to perfection, leading him to want to know more about them. When asked which was his favourite, he stated that The Squire was the gentleman he wanted to go for a drink with. Not so much of a fan of The Botanist, he stated though that he would drink any of them again. He adored the rich aromas and flavours so much, calling them a, “classy pint!”

Beers, lagers, ales and pale ales are the drinks of choice for the men in our home and it seems a new favourite has been found. With the whole team winning each member over, it seems that the Gentleman bunch will be returning again. It is the kind of drink that you can give to guests if you are being fancy lovelies, as it looks like a smart drink. 

Head to their website to find out more about the flavours and to buy your own lovelies! Ultimately though, you will want to get those suits on, sip away and have a fantastic drink with one of the Gentleman in this bunch! 

Joey X

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