Allow Your Child To Fly This Summer With LittleLife UK!


What did you want to be when you grew up? A unicorn? Maybe a dinosaur? How about a butterfly? With the world having so many opportunities now for our little ones, LittleLife UK have made a series of toddler backpacks that allow them to become some of the most mythical creatures in the world. Discover more about them here…

Good Morning Lovelies, 

When I was little, I can remember my mum putting reins on me. I hated them. They were boring, multicoloured straps that didn’t allow me the freedom I wanted. However, nowadays things have changed a lot. Especially with the wonderful creations from LittleLife, who have made a fantastic collection of original toddler backpacks, with reins, which any kid or adult even will want to wear. 

Kindly gifting me and my niece one to try, she opted for the butterfly design. A fact that turned into real true love, as she couldn’t help but exclaim that she, “was a butterfly,” upon first seeing and wearing it in person. Happily placing it onto her back, she danced around trying to catch a glimpse of the wings that fluttered behind her. 

With a detachable rein easily placed on and off the bag, Mia could run around freely with all her toys and snacks in her bag whilst we stopped at the park, before having the reins placed back on to walk home. Mia looked so happy and confident in the bag that the walk became even more enjoyable. 

Due to the bright colours of the butterfly design, it was easy to spot her when she wandered around playing. She had more freedom to explore, which her mum said was nice as she wants her children to enjoy their local areas more. Plus, when she had a hold of the reins, she also knew that they were not going to be cutting into her like the old fashioned designs did. Honestly, I can still remember the pain of them. 

With no issues occurring, Mia’s mum and I were so happy to see her adapt so well to the bag. Having a two little main compartment area, name and address label inside, as well as a top grab handle, the bag would see Mia and all those who own them through for years to come. In the future, it may even become her future nursery bag. 

Easily strapped onto the safety segment of her buggy, we walked along together at a great pace. In a more secure manner too. We all knew that Mia couldn’t run off, however, she didn’t want to, as she was too busy looking back at the butterfly on her back. 

Overall, we were all really impressed with the design, look and feel of the product. The butterfly design was a stand out piece, which will go on many journeys for years to come. It is a bag that will see little Mia through many life stages, whilst also keeping her safe and us all reassured. 

With summer coming up, both of those elements are key and something many parents and guardians will be looking for. LittleLife have made a fantastic quality product that I and her mum couldn’t recommend enough. They have loads of designs to pick from, as well as sizes too, which can all be found on their website.

After such a successful first trial, I know for certain that this will not be the last of LittleLife that we all enjoy in our home. They have made a life changing difference that we will continuously celebrate and hope you can too! 

Joey X

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