Get Your Little Ones Ready For Summer With Start Rite’s First Steps Shoes!


Summer is here! And that means it’s time to discover these ultra cute shoes from Start Rite that will help your little ones walk stylishly into the sunniest season. Made from soft leather, with a breathable interior, you will not be able to get over how sweet these are once on. Find out which ones got my niece dancing around the house here!

Good Morning Lovelies, 

Summer is just around the corner lovelies and that means that the world of fashion is about to come alive! Especially that of our little ones! From cute suits to pretty dresses, the little members of my family are preparing for the holidays, with the help of Start Rite footwear! 

After a super successful session with my nephew and his new school shoes, I got my little niece to step up next and trial their super cute summer First Steps shoes. Made to fit little feet in an independent way, sizes regarding length and width are measured to make sure they fit correctly. My niece was a size four, so we decided to go with some sweet to go with her little feet. 

Picking out the Fellow pink leather based cat designed rip-tape first walking shoes, priced at £42, the shoes were sent super quickly by the team at Start Rite. Pulling them out of the box, my niece smiled in delight at the pink colouring and went to grab the shoes from my hands. 

Sitting her down on the stairs, we popped the shoes on easily, as they fit perfectly. Her toes had room to move and the easily adjustable rip-tape T-bar made it easy for her feet to just slip in, whilst remaining secure. The leather was flexible, meaning her feet wouldn’t get sore in the shoes either, which is key when they can get a little sweaty in summer. 

Seeing her smile every time she looked down at the kitten design made both myself and her mum love them even more. She didn’t want to take them off, even when she no longer needed to wear them. In fact, she kept them on throughout her brother’s modelling session too, pointing out to him the design of the shoe in the sweetest way. 

A very reasonable price for a shoe that guarantees safety, security and better care for little feet, Start Rite, is making those first steps super easy. My mum stated when looking at the shoe that she wished she had had them around when we were little. She found them to be softer than a lot of other kids brands, in a very good way. 

Overall, we were all impressed with these summer perfect shoes. They will match perfectly with party, bridesmaids or simply running around in the summer, with any outfit that she wears. Knowing her feet are safe from any harm, like blisters or sores, makes them even better. Getting them off her feet is the only downside, as she doesn’t want to remove them. It seems like Start Rite are here to stay! 

To find out more about their First Steps walking shoes, head to the Start Rite website now lovelies! There are so many options to choose from, for girls and boys, that your little ones will come aware looking super stylish this summer. It’s time to get those shoes walking! 

Joey X

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