In A Matchbox Have The Perfect Presents For Mother’s Day, Easter & Beyond


Good Morning Lovelies, 

Do you lovelies remember just before Valentine’s Day I shared with you the fantastic work of the brand In A Matchbox? They make the sweetest matchbox sized gifts that have a whole load of heart attached to them! 

Continuing on with their sweet festive themed items, the team have produced some more boxes that are filled with items perfect for Mother’s Day, Easter and birthdays. Even as gifts to just show someone that you care.

Kindling gifting me a few to try and look at, I am in absolute awe of their new collection. Honestly, they make my heart fly high when I get them in the post. Something that I hope you will feel to if you buy one for someone else or yourself! 

To help you pick one, I’ve selected a few to share with you that are honestly the most loveliest things in the world…

A Big Fat Hedgehug For Mum In A Matchbox, £9.95: Who doesn’t love a hedgehog? Well, someone who will prefer this super cute Hedgehug instead. I’m going to gift this to my mum to keep in her bag for when she needs a hug when I am not with her. 

Mother's Day Handmade Bouquet Of Paper Roses, £9.95: Forget buying flowers that will only last a few days. This mini bouquet will last forever showing your mum just how much your love for her will last.

Kawaii Cross Stitch Toadstool In A Matchbox, £9.95: Great for everyone in the family, this is a different item to present at Easter. Plant a few of these around your garden or home during the Easter egg for an alternative prize. It would also look perfect as a table favour.

Sending You A 'Hedgehug' In A Matchbox, £9.95: Want to give a Hedgehug to someone other than your mum this year? This sweet little matchbox will allow you to do just that. It features all the magic of the Mother’s Day one but for all instead.

Some Bunny Loves You Wool Felt Rabbit In A Matchbox, £9.95: Another alternative gift to give to your mum or fellow family members, this little bunny would be good for both occasions and beyond.

Kawaii Cross Stitch Bunny In A Matchbox, £9.95: Just like the toadstool, this would be another Easter alternative. I really like the idea of sitting down, after all the Easter races and hunts, to have a quiet moment making this. You can even teach the little ones how to do it too. 

In A Matchbox are a brand very dear to my heart and I love sharing their creations with you all. I truly love everything they come up with and I can’t wait to gift those dearest to me some of these items. I hope that you all find the most perfect one for you all too whatever the occasion is! 

Joey X

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