The Biskery Have The Perfect Mother’s Day Biscuits To Gift This Year!


Good Morning Lovelies, 

In our house, biscuits are a must have! Sad, happy or just plain hungry, there isn’t a time when people aren’t offered a bite from our biscuit tin. Honestly, when I was able to conquer having a biscuit, I thought my mum would cry. However, it wasn’t me who was being treated to the biscuits I am about to mention. 

Celebrating Mother’s Day, the incredible team at The Biskery, reached out to me to offer my mum the chance to try their special Mother’s Day biscuits. Oh boy, did they go down well. Gifting them early to her, for the purpose of this blog post, she was amazed at the delicate, jammy biscuits that she u covered within the brown box they came in. 

Peeling back the paper, removing the safety padding and looking up at me in shock, she found six beautifully handmade Mother’s Day biscuits. Three of which said Happy, whilst the other three said Mother’s Day. Filled with soft creamy vanilla fondant and strawberry jam, they were her own personal favourites, which she instantly tucked into. After sending me to make her a cup of tea of course! 

Upon taking the first bite, she avoided the dunk to get the most authentic taste. Something that caused the biggest groan of delight I have ever heard her make over a biscuit. Inspired by the German Linzer biscuits, she could capture the hints of their marks within the soft, creamy nature of this version of them. 

Forgetting all about her other gifts, she went on to have one more, before telling herself to save the rest. Although, she was later seen looking at the brands website, which only meant she was going to get more in preparation of running out. 

Priced at £22.50, with free delivery included, The Biskery could charge so much more for these to be honest, as they are worth every penny. The look, taste and fast delivery are all elements that make these a top tier winner when it comes to gifts. Fitting through a letterbox easily, I have already started to plan who I could surprise with some festive editions at Christmas. 

There is no skimping on anything and the team should be proud of the brilliant biscuits they have made. Instantly brightening up my mum’s face, every time she opened the box, I could tell that she thought they were special. Something that I think any kind of product from The Biskery will do. Honestly, if you are looking for a foodie gift, then head to their website to find out if they can help. I am certain they will be able to. And once you try them, if you are like my mum, there will be no going back! 

Joey X

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