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Good Morning Lovelies, 

It isn’t long until Mother’s Day is here and I’m sure that many of you will be like me and excited to treat that super special woman or women in your life! Our house wouldn’t run without my mum Jane, which is why I like to treat her every day of the year. 

There so, when I was kindly offered the chance to go and have an afternoon tea session at The Kitchen in Croxley, near to Watford, I knew it would be perfect for her. Yesterday, she headed there with her partner in crime Casey to sample the delights the team had to offer. Since then, I have heard nothing but amazing things. 

Booked a week in advance, the lovely owner Linda arranged for my mum to have the full afternoon tea experience, with a glass of prosecco on the side for the pair. Arranged for 11am, the pair were so excited that they left early to be there on time. However, with traffic not being to bad, they got there around 40 minutes earlier than planned. Yet, the team were happy to welcome them in with open arms. 

Seated by Linda, before being served by two amazing hostesses called Lily and Lil, they were presented with a reserved table and a beautiful flower wall. It was here that I started to get pictures sent to me, as they had a mini photo shoot in front of the Let’s Eat Cake sign. 

After modelling by the wall, the two sat down to enjoy their first drink of coffee, having decided to swap it with the tea. Faced with lots of options to choose from, my mum went with the vanilla latte to start, whilst Casey opted for the cappuccino. Over the course of the tea, they each had another one of these, before having a glass of prosecco at 11am. 

The team were so welcoming that they came to chat to my mum and Casey whilst preparing the food. Explaining to the pair where all the food and drinks come from, Linda told them about the locality of the pieces they would be eating. All the cakes and scones are handmade daily inside the venue by Linda and her team. Every single ingredient used is sourced from local producers, including one who brings them eggs daily for the total cost of a slice of cake. 

Talking of cakes, Linda is incredibly talented when it comes to making them, as the owner creates literal pieces of art in the form of her baked goods. Honestly, you only need to look at her Instagram full of truly magical delights, including one that can actually by set on fire, to see what I mean. Priced at around £100 each, they are a fantastic price too for the work that goes into making the Celebration Cakes.

As the team worked hard to put the tea together, it wasn’t long until the food was brought out. Beautifully produced on a gorgeous vintage style cake stand, my mum and Casey were faced with a top tier layered with pieces of lemon drizzle cake, chocolate brownies, mini Victoria sponges and red velvet cake slices. 

Whilst on the second tier, they found freshly made, still warm scones, which came with eggcup filled homemade clotted cream and strawberry jam. If you didn’t fancy the strawberry jam, the team were happy to offer other options too however. 

On the final tier, the sandwiches were beautifully crafted to show the fresh fillings within them. With three options to pick from, the team had made ham and Dijon mustard, egg mayonnaise and cucumber and cream cheese squares that according to my mum were simply gorgeous. I was delighted to hear that there was a cucumber sandwich in the mix, as it really is a dying art form, which needs to be brought back aha! 

Left to tuck into the afternoon tea, my mum and Casey were overjoyed with the flavours and tastes from each option on hand. Seeing the cream ooze into the scones, the cakes fluffy moist centres and the bouncy fresh bread was made all the better when they got to taste them. My mum has been for afternoon teas at some very fancy places before, yet, she stated that this was better than them. 

Both of them loved the food so much that they both left with boxes filled with extra goodies to have at home, after being asked if they would like more served to them at their table. My mum’s is currently in our fridge, as she wants to enjoy them for as long as possible. However, the team also creates at home afternoon tea boxes. Absolutely perfect for upcoming Mother’s Day celebrations

Seeing and hearing about how good the experience was from the pair left me overjoyed. Both of them were treated so well that I know they will both be returning in the future. Plus, at just £27.50, it is a real bargain! Not many places would offer what Linda and her team did, leading to them being named as true community heroes in our home! 

Honestly, I can’t thank them all enough for what they did for my mum and Casey! My heart soared seeing them both so happy. Mother’s Day is the most perfect time to treat that special person in your life. Yet, when you have amazing, local, places like The Kitchen, you can celebrate them every day in the best place. Every single member of The Kitchen should be so proud of what they have created. It is simply brilliant and you should all book to go ASAP lovelies! You won’t regret it! 

Joey X

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