Do You Get SAD In Summer? Here Are Five Ways To Help Relax…


Summer is often a joyful time for many, however, if you are like me and not so much of a fan, then I have come up with some ways to help you relax during the heatwave! From napping away the afternoons to leaving behind those burnt BBQ offerings, you can have a better summer this year in no time or cost at all!

Good Morning Lovelies, 

A lot of people will be embracing and loving the summer weather right now. Yet, if you are like me then you may not be loving it so much! I find I get a sort of reverse SAD during May, June, July and August! There are moments within them that I enjoy including birthdays, planned holidays and not having to wear my big coat. However, I really struggle during this season. 

I’m definitely an autumn girly and I long for the restart that I feel September brings. In fact, I feel like everyone is a lot happier when there are events to look forward to such as Halloween and Christmas. They are the fun months for me! 

To help myself through the summer months, I have found a few things that ease me. I wanted to share them with you lovelies to hopefully help you to if you are like me. The following five things may just relax you too…

Delete Social Media Accounts: Seeking people having a fantastic summer can make those down feelings worse. Delete the accounts or mute them to stop them leaving a mark. Every two months, I go through all my accounts to help prevent any triggers from occurring. It really does help! 

Plan Out Your Days: At the start of each week, I use a whiteboard to plot out what plans me and my mum have. It helps my ED, Autism and Anxiety Disorder to relax a bit, as we know what to expect. In the height of summer, plans are always being made, so keep a diary, chart or calendar on hand to keep up to date. Oh, and don’t be afraid to cancel too. 

Block Out The Sun: Definitely do go and get your Vitamin D lovely, however, it’s also okay to block it away. I often come in and draw the curtains from the world in summer. It’s as if my mind knows that downtime is coming and it really helps. Plus, drawing your curtains will also help to cool your rooms too. 

Forget About The Food & Drinks: Summer is all about the food and drinks for many. As soon as those first heatwaves land, the BBQs come out, the beers begin to chill and everyone gathers for an epic feast. Yet, it’s okay to not take part in this if you aren’t comfortable. I have porridge in the height of summer for dinner. I struggle to even imagine having anything off a BBQ. I don’t drink. The pressure can be hard but just remember that you just have to do you. Even if that means eating cold milk and cornflakes one evening, if it makes you happy enjoy it! Not all of us want a burnt sausage in a bun! 

Enjoy A Siesta: Growing up within an Italian family, I was raised very aware of the beauty of a siesta. Both my parents enjoyed them. My uncle Tom would disappear to have his, even during big family holidays. My brother Gio falls asleep under the sun. If you find summer stressful, go and enjoy a siesta in the afternoon. You’ll soon be falling in love with them like an islander on Love Island. 

If you are like me and struggle with summer, I hope that you are able to find some ways to relax. Just remember that no one needs to get a bikini body, you are worthy of wearing a bikini or swimsuit whatever size you are. You don’t have to eat a burnt burger. You can skip your birthday and stay in bed (my plans this year in July!). You just need to be you because you are wonderful! Summer or not!

Joey X

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