CGK Linens Are The Dreamiest Bedding Range To Invest In!


If you are like me then your bed is your safe place too! This is why I love to spend a bit more money on items that make it super comfortable. A factor that makes CGK Linens a stand out creator. Honestly, you will be in a dream upon your first night in them and your whole body will thank you for it!

Good Morning Lovelies, 

There is nothing better than spending the night and days lounging on the comfiest of bedding! For me, my bed has become my sanctuary. A place where my body and brain can unwind. Even during the hardest of moments! I’ve found myself spending more mornings resting, especially on Sunday, which is also the day I like to change my sheets. 

Therefore, when I reached out to learn about more bedding brands, I was super happy to get feedback from CGK Linens, who are based in America. Kindly offering me the chance to review some of their items, the team sent me their premium set of four pillow cases. And let me tell you lovelies, they are fantastic! 

Made from premium fabrics, the four cases are created with double-brushed microfibre yarns, which leave them super soft to touch and lay your head on. Upon my first night of sleeping on them, I found my face had no creases upon waking. My hair was less static and wild. I also felt like I got an overall better nights rest from how soft they were. 

However, the softness didn’t stop them from also feeling like they would last. Having been washed twice now in the machine, they still feel like they did when I first got them out of their wrapping. 

Honestly, for the way that they feel and help you rest, you would think they would cost a fortune. Yet, the whole CGK Linen range is super affordable for top quality goods. It is a brand that I had never heard of but will definitely be investing more into. Although they are only based in the US at the moment, I have already got those I know over there on to them. 

I couldn’t recommend them enough! I hope that they are soon in the UK and celebrated more, as their whole range looks dreamy. Whether it be for adults or kid beds. To find out more about their ranges, head to their website now lovelies! You will win a dream state forevermore after investing, I promise! 

Joey X

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