Happy Valentine’s Day! Here Are The Best Ways To Spend The Day When Single!


Good Morning Lovelies, 

And a very happy Valentine’s Day to you all! Normally, I don’t mark this day. I feel like if you love someone, you should tell them each and every day that you do. You shouldn’t need just one day a year to do so. However, this year I am falling under the big days trap! 

As a single person, it can be hard to see love all around. Yet, why not take today to spread a bit of self loving into your life. From pampering sessions to fantastic food dishes, there are so many ways to look after yourself without breaking the bank. And as RuPaul always says, “If you can’t love yourself, how the hell you going to love somebody else?” 

There so, I have gathered some of the best ways you can turn Valentine’s Day into a day for you and the love you have for yourself. These include…

Cooking A Fancy Or Favourite Meal For Yourself: Instead of going out and witnessing all the loved up couples, buy a takeaway or head to the shops to get all the ingredients you need to make your favourite meal. I’m going to be enjoying my honey bagel, as it is honestly my favourite, with sliced apple and sweets. I may bake a sweet treat for my mum too. By listening to my body and what I like, I’m giving it the attention it deserves. I know your body and mind will give you the ultimate loving feeling for doing so.

Get Dressed Up (Even To Sit In At Home!): Do you have a wardrobe full of items that are dying to be worn but you keep saying you will save them for best? Guilty as charged personally! However, now is the perfect time to change all that! Whip out that fancy frock. Those silky comfy PJs. An incredible jumpsuit or suit. Whatever it may be, put it on and show yourself who is the ultimate boss. Your best is now lovelies! 

Pamper Yourself With Your Favourite Products: Whether you head your way your local beauty counter to stock up or finally break into those Christmas beauty bits you got, Valentine’s Day is a great time to look after yourself. Relax in a bubble bath filled tub. Wax or shave for silky smooth skin. Massage in all the lotions and lotions you own. Not only will you feel so much appreciation and love for yourself, but the after effects of this will last for days. 

Book A Mini Break For One: Why not go away on your own? Solo travel has started to become a huge thing now and I am all for it! There is nothing like spending time, thinking about the wonders of the world, so why not take Valentine’s Day todo just that in a place you have always wanted to go to. With the big day falling on a Wednesday, you can take just one day or the whole week to embrace the beauty of a new place too.

Do Something With Your Parents: They were probably the first people you saw in love with each other and with you, so why not spend time with them on Valentine’s Day? The event isn’t just to share the love and appreciation you have for a partner, but all of those who share their love for you too. I’m going to be spending the day with my mum, who is my best friend and confidant. I will also pop a special card in the post for my nephew and one to the hospital via the From Me To You letter writing scheme. The day really isn’t just for one kind of love, take it to share the love with everyone. 

It may seem like a silly day when you really think about it, however, it can be a wonderful one to help you fall in love with yourself again. When you truly love and appreciate who you are, you can give the other relationships in your life what they really deserve. The best version of you! 

Have a wonderful love filled day lovelies! However you may be spending it! Oh, and remember, I love you all too! 

Joey X

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