My Parents Love Story (In Honour of Valentine’s Day)


Good Morning Lovelies, 

My dad was one of my heroes. Him and my mum. In the month of love, I’ve been thinking a lot about them and their relationship. Sure, it wasn’t perfect. However, I always like to say that an imperfect person is a perfect person! And that’s how I feel about the pair of them. 

So, in honour of us marking the ultimate love stories, I thought I would share theirs. My mum, Jane, met my dad John, through friends, after he moved to Hertford, where my mum is from. The pair began dating and soon they were inseparable. 

After only a few days, my dad met my mum’s two children from a previous relationship, whilst my dad told my mum about the two sons he had in Burnley. Getting closer, they moved in together, first into a maisonette, before buying a house together, the only home I’ve ever known. Soon the four became five, with my dad bringing my brother Gio to come and live with them. 

With three boys under one roof, it could be tough, with both of my parents working long hours. My mum would look after the boys before school and during the day, whilst working, whilst my dad went off to work as a security guard, Channel Five tuner and mechanic. 

The years passed with many happy moments. They visited Sicily, where my dad is from, for long summer holidays. They went to theme parks and on coach trips. However, there was something missing. As the 90s hit, they decided to try for another baby. 

In 1995, after a long bout of morning sickness, blood shot eyes and debates about my mum’s health, I was born, providing a child that was the two of theirs. Much to the annoyance of my brother Gio, who became my instant best friend to wind up aha! Although, each and every one of the boys has always been seen as being both of theirs. They made sure that no one was treated differently. 

From then on things got a little wild. Family dinners were had around a big table in my dad’s room, with The Weakest Link, The Simpsons and Fresh Prince playing in the background. Large Christmas gatherings and mass present openings. Dancing at family parties. Caravan holidays in Clacton, Butlins and UK retreats.

Bickering and silence when they had a row. Cuddles and kisses when they got over them. Recalling a Valentine’s Day memory in fact, I can vividly remember when my mum filled my dad’s car with Love Heart sweets, cuddly toys and balloons before going to work. He was so embarrassed. 

The love that the pair shared is something that filled my heart so much. When my dad passed away, I saw a spark in my mum’s eyes go out. However, I still feel their love every single day. My mum takes it with her in the little touches she applies to the house in honour of him. The advice she gives that he would have too. The way she makes sure he is always present and never forgotten. 

Love can be displayed in many ways. Like the quote in Love Actually states, “Love is all around.” Something I couldn’t agree with more. My parents love story isn’t perfect but it’s what made us as a family know what love is. Their imperfect relationship was perfect in every single way. It’s undying. It’s all around us. It’s them. It’s love. 

Joey X

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