Pancake Day 2024 Is Here & It’s Okay If You Don’t Have Any!



Good Morning Lovelies, 

Today is officially Pancake Day. A flipping good day for many of us! For me, it is a bit of a challenging one. I am quite good at making them, often being roped into helping family members create those little round crepes. However, I haven’t had one in years. 

I would like to say that tonight that is going to change, however, I don’t think it will. Stupid fucking ED! Right now, my head and heart are having a little bit of an argument about it all to be honest. Plus, I must admit that I always remember being a bit more of a waffle person if I do say so. 

However, like last year, I am not putting any pressure on myself to have them or not and I am going to try and be kind to myself with the end decision. In previous years, I have been hugely disappointed in myself. I’ve really had a go at myself for it in fact. That is never a good idea. So, I have decided to just be kind. 

I hope that all of you lovelies find some delicious pancakes or not to enjoy today. However, if you can’t enjoy them, try not to worry. You can enjoy them any day of the year! Members of my family do. People I am friends with even have them on Christmas Day for breakfast. When and where you have them is all up to you. 

Just go with the flow or the flip in this case. Because let's be honest, you can enjoy Nutella with lots of things. Although for me it will be honey! I love you all loads and hope you have a tasty day whatever you have! 

Joey X

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