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Good Afternoon Lovelies, 

Are you heading away soon? Maybe for half term or Easter? Well, I wanted to prepare you all, as April will see our mobile prices going up again, almost to the same price as the flights, trains or care hire costs that you are paying lovelies! 

With almost all mobile providers rising costs each year, giffgaff have found out that most hike their prices by around 7.9% each year, leading to a £36.05 rise in just one year if your phone bill comes to £38 normally. That’s simply shocking lovelies! 

Hoping to change this though, giffgaff have made a promise to never raise its prices mid-contract, offering 5GB of free romancing in the EU, which you could visit if you lowered your phone bill lovelies. 

Uncovering the shocking truth led the company to find that over Easter, you could pay for four return flights from London to Amsterdam at £260 (£65pp), with the added bonus of £28.19 to spend. Whilst in the summer, you could take the Eurostar from London to Paris for £44, with £28.04 left over or two return flights from London to Bilbao for £64pp, plus £16.08 spending money. You could even book four return flights from London to Bordeaux, at £52pp, with £80.19 extra to spend. That sounds a lot better lovelies! 

Making some simple changes can help you to save a lot and that’s why I wanted to share this news from giffgaff! As you all know, if I can help you save money then I will always try to help! Especially if it means an epic holiday could take place because of it! Who else fancies that trip to Paris then? 

Joey X

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