Kodak Printomatic Will Keep Your Valentine’s Day Memories Alive Forever!


Good Morning Lovelies, 

Before Christmas, nearing the end of the summer, I went to the Big Christmas Press Show. Whilst there, I saw a number of high tech items that I couldn’t help but be amazed by. You will all know by now how much I love a gadget! Whether it be a phone, TV or camera, I can’t get enough of them. 

Heading to the bright yellow, red and black signed stall of Kodak, I could feel my childhood wonder coming to life. Holding and playing around with a number of new products, the team introduced me to the Kodak Printomatic Instant Print Camera. To say I liked it a lot would be an understatement. 

Coming out in a whole range of colours, the team kindly sent me a pink one a few weeks later. Light in weight but bright in tone, the instant print camera has all the features of a normal camera. However what makes it so unique is the instant print quality. 

With a 5MP image sensor, microSD card slot, optical viewfinder, a flash and inbuilt printer, which can produce waterproof, adhesive backed glossy prints in a matter of seconds, it is perfect for first time photographers and nostalgic fans. 

The Kodak Printomatic is my first ever Kodak camera. Having admired them for years, it was amazing to finally have one in my hands. Picturing myself and my nephew using it, I imagine that it would be perfect to teach the little ones how to get the perfect shot. Plus, with pictures being able to be stored without having to be printed, I loved that I didn’t have to waste the paper on not so good pictures. 

For me, the Printomatic is the perfect camera to capture those intimate moments with. Left out on the table at a wedding. Gifted to little ones to capture all the magic of Christmas. Half buried in the sand as the sun beams down on a group of friends taking a picture to last for years to come. It’s the camera that creates the images that fill the pages of memory books. 

Seriously, I was so impressed that I couldn’t believe it was only £50 to buy on the Kodak website. Leading up to Valentine’s Day, it would make for the best present to keep those happy memories stored in or printed from. Forget a photo booth for romantic shots, it’s time to embrace this beauty! 

Along with the camera, the team also sent me a pack of extra paper, which I haven’t broken into yet. At around £12.99 for a box, it is now cheaper to buy these than to get a disposable camera printed. In fact, it’s cheaper than a disposable camera. An item that made so many childhood holidays and memories special. 

I’m glad that instant prints haven’t gone out of fashion. It warms my 90s/00s heart! Kodak has made a camera that will inspire a new generation to keep the magic alive. And I couldn’t recommend it enough! The Printomatic is a camera that will last the years and I am all here for it. It’s a snap happy creation that just keeps on giving! 

Joey X

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