Reduce Your Screen Time With These Simple Tips


Good Morning Lovelies, 

It may seem odd to write this whilst using a screen to do it, however, since the start of the year I’ve been trying to limit the amount of screen time I do. Through different techniques, I have managed to get my phone screen time down to just 45 minutes a day. A big drop from the four hours and more I used to spend on it! 

Instead of looking at my screen for ages now, I try to do more creative projects. From LEGO to puzzle books, I leave all my screens behind and spend hours building, brain teasing and being more involved in what’s around me. 

If you feel like you want to do something different as well, I hope that the following tips can help you put your phone down and be more productive. You won’t regret doing a few of these things every day instead…

Read A Book: I try to read something every day. Whether it be a poem or a few pages in my book, I love nothing more than picking up a book and reading it. Going to bed earlier as well has made me feel so cosy as I read away the chapters. Losing yourself in a new world can really help to keep your brain active.

Do A Puzzle: At the moment, I am going through endless amounts of puzzle books. In fact, the day before I wrote this post, I spent about two hours just doing arrowwords. Give me a wordsearch, criss cross, an actual puzzle or something more creative and I’m your person. Your brain will thank you and you will also feel rewarded when you finish a puzzle too.

Pamper Yourself: How many times do you watch someone do something to help themselves on TikTok but then never do it to yourself because you are scrolling? Put down your phone or screens and give yourself a whole afternoon to pamper yourself. From head to toe, you will feel more relaxed by doing so.

Clean A Space In Your Home: I’ve cleaned cupboards, piggy banks and even the card box. Definitely spring cleaning before the spring has even sprung has soothed my soul. No longer do I feel like I am surrounded by mess. Instead I have a clean mind, fresh eyes and a home to appreciate. Something I feel very lucky about! 

Build Something: Okay, so this is my favourite thing ever to do! I love to build stuff, especially LEGO. Over the past few weeks, I’ve created endless flower displays. I’ve made a LEGO ukulele. I’ve even gone as far as to make a 3D sponge puzzle of the Friends apartments. My home looks so cute with all the flowers, especially the tranquil garden set that I could look at for hours. Putting your hands to good use and building something will make you feel so much better, I promise. 

Simply putting away your screen for a few hours can really make you feel better lovelies! Spending hours on mine made me feel so down at times, however, now that I hardly look at it, I feel mentally stronger. Most of the time, I now only use it to watch TV, films or to blog. Things that I enjoy, instead of struggling with. I hope the ideas above can bring you some peace too! 

Joey X

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