My January 2024 New Food Finds!


Good Morning Lovelies, 

To me, January is the month to eat up all the festive leftovers. An element that due to my condition I normally don’t get involved in. However, the start of 2024 changed all that. Having got a few bits to eat on the big day, there was a few bits left, so I enjoyed them all over again at different times. 

Five of these items, were ones I either received as gifts or brought especially. These five have made my must try list for you lovelies. They are…

Bonne Marman Peach Conserve, £2.60: With gorgeous chunky pieces of sweet peach, this jam is going to be lovely on a plain bagel. Taking me back to summers when I was younger, this conserve reminds me of the peaches my grandad used to grow. I was a little worried about it, due to my asthma becoming a little affected by peach skins, but I’ve found this isn’t to bad it seems. 

Tesco Crunchy Cookie Cereal, £1.60: Every Christmas morning, we wake up to a food stocking each in our house. The bits and bobs in them are to be enjoyed on the day or throughout the festive season and beyond. In my stocking this year, I was greeted by these beauties from my childhood. Although I don’t feel comfortable having them as just a bowl of cereal yet, I will be having them as a snack type biscuit instead. 

Paxo Chicken & Bacon Flavour Stuffing, £2.65: I had this for the first time on Christmas Day, stuffed into a halved piece of butternut squash. It was truly delicious! With a taste a bit like Frazzles or the bacon bits you used to be able to get for salads in Pizza Hut restaurants, it’s so different to the normal stuffing varieties. Better in some ways! 

Sainsbury’s Reduced Sugar Fine Cut Orange Marmalade, £1.05: I’m trying to be a bit more careful with sugar in 2024. Not because I’m going back into bad ED thoughts, but more so to protect my teeth. Still loving my marmalade coated crumpets, this reduced sugar kind is great for helping to cut down on the sweet stuff without losing out on the taste. Plus, there are no chunky bits of peel, which I am so grateful for. 

Hartley's 10 Cal Piña Colada Jelly, 85p: For a pudding on Christmas Day, I had a fruit salad topped with this jelly. With a lovely coconut and pineapple taste, it really does have a Piña Colada taste to it. Something that went down perfectly with the fresh melon and grapes also in the bowl. I normally have to be in the mood for a jelly, however, this has reignited my love for them. 

What have you all been eating this January lovelies? Have you tried any of the above? Let me know! 

Joey X

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